Official: Prime Minister: papers relating to exchange of British troops in India.

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Date: May 1940





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CHAR 20/18/1 Note from "E A S" [Eric Seal, Prime Minister's Principal Private Secretary] (10 Downing Street) to WSC requesting advice on the folios following [information on British battalions and batteries in India]. [manuscript annotated by WSC]. 15 May 1940
CHAR 20/18/2-7 Minute from [Major-]General [Hastings] Ismay [Chief of Staff to the Minister of Defence] (Offices of the War Cabinet) to WSC responding to his minute [copy enclosed, flagged "A"] requesting information on British battalions and batteries in India, with enclosures (annotated by WSC): 1. Detailed figures on establishments and strengths in India: a) Royal Artillery (British); b) Infantry Battalions (British), flagged "B"; 2. Details of personnel returned from India in exchange; 3. a) proportion of soldiers of two years service and upwards in these battalions and batteries; b) training required by the average draft in England before proceeding to India; 4. Details of troops in India, flagged "C". 03 May 1940 - 11 May 1940