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Date: Dec 1940 - Dec 1941


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CHAR 20/30/1-8 Letter from J S Paterson (Rockstone Place, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland) to WSC complaining that 5th Lord Templetown [earlier Henry Upton], Controller of Factories and Storage, North of England, was a well-known fascist and pre- war supporter of Sir Oswald Mosley [Founder, British Union of Fascists] and as such should not hold public office; with correspondence between Anthony Bevir [Private Secretary to WSC], Robert Burns [Private Secretary to Minister of Supply], [Henry] Austin Strutt [Principal Private Secretary to Home Secretary] and Cyril Sanders [Board of Trade]; concludes that Lord Templetown was only briefly a member of the British Union of Fascists and is a good local Government organiser. 10 Sep 1941 - 10 Oct 1941
CHAR 20/30/9 Note from John Peck [Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC with a phone message from J H Thomas [? James Thomas] "You have definitely won the first round". 24 May 1941
CHAR 20/30/10-11 Notes between John Colville [Private Secretary to WSC] and Major Desmond Morton [Personal Assistant to WSC] on a report from 1st Lord Swinton [earlier Philip Cunliffe- Lister and Philip Lloyd-Greame] about a Maurice Thiery employed at the BBC who claimed to know WSC personally. [Copy]. 21 May 1941
CHAR 20/30/12-17 Letters from L H Langmaid [Ministry of Works and Buildings] to Eric Seal [Principal Private Secretary to WSC] on defraying from public funds the cost of Inspector Walter Thompson [WSC's detective] moving house; with reply and letter from E Price [Ministry of Works and Buildings]. [Carbon]. 20 Feb 1941 - 23 May 1941
CHAR 20/30/18-25 Letter from Nicolas Titulescu [former Romanian Minister for Foreign Affairs] to David Kelly [British Minister in Berne, Switzerland] forwarded by Kelly and Ralph Stevenson [Principal Private Secretary to Foreign Secretary] to WSC, requesting help in obtaining a visa so he may join in the war from England [in French] with notes by Edith Watson and Anthony Bevir [Private Secretaries to WSC] advising it would be too much trouble, and reply. 10 Dec 1940 - 13 Jan 1941
CHAR 20/30/26-33 Notes from Brendan Bracken [Minister of Information] to WSC on Joseph Toole who criticised the Ministry of Information for not using Labour speakers; with Prime Minister's Personal Minute M.945/1 to Bracken asking him to placate Toole; arranges to employ him as a speaker on an ad hoc basis; includes copies of correspondence by Edith Watson and Leslie Rowan [Private Secretaries to WSC]. 30 Sep 1941 - 27 Oct 1941
CHAR 20/30/34-36 Letter from W T Towler, Director, Towler and Son Limited, Engineers, to WSC with suggestions for improving production by altering pay methods and providing honours as an incentive, and reducing absenteeism; with acknowledgement by Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC]. 12 Nov 1941 - 15 Nov 1941
CHAR 20/30/37-48 Correspondence between Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC] and [? Mary Ann Stocks], Ministry of Labour and Norman Tucker, Treasury, on a suggestion by W T Towler [Director, Towler and Son Limited, Engineers] that an Industrial Cross or Distinguished Labour Order should be instituted in future honours and on taxation; also includes copy of letter by John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] to Sir Robert Knox [Secretary, Political Honours Scrutiny Committee. 16 Nov 1941 - 08 Dec 1941
CHAR 20/30/49-51 Letter from Major-General Sir Hugh Tudor to WSC commenting on Australian fighting in Libya and Greece, and the victory of General Sir Archibald Wavell [Commander-in-Chief, Middle East]; with reply by WSC. Jun 1941
CHAR 20/30/52-58 Letter from [Alfred] Duff Cooper [Minister of Information, later 1st Lord Norwich] to WSC asking to ban propaganda broadcasts by Sir Robert Vansittart [Chief Diplomatic Adviser to Foreign Secretary] to the French people; annotated by WSC agreeing; with letter from Vansittart justifying his broadcasts as they were commissioned by Anthony Eden [Foreign Secretary, later 1st Lord Avon] to appeal to French hatred of Germany; WSC concedes; also includes note by Martin Russell [Private Secretary to the Minister of Information]. 24 Feb 1941 - 06 Mar 1941
CHAR 20/30/59-62 Letter from H G Wells to WSC enclosing a book for him to read and urging the fire-bombing of German crops and forests; with telegram of thanks. [Copy]. 20 Jun 1941 - 22 Jun 1941
CHAR 20/30/63-65 Letter from H G Wells to WSC enclosing a newspaper cutting written for the Daily Mail and the Sunday Dispatch with his article "Now let us start fighting!" urging greater contributions to the fighting of the war; with acknowledgement. 12 Oct 1941 - 15 Oct 1941
CHAR 20/30/66-70 Letter from H G Wells to WSC asking for comments on proposed an article "Raids and Raids", with reply from WSC suggesting points which need to be considered including availability of shipping, escorts and air power, and compromise of friendly populations; forwarded by Leslie Rowan and John Martin [Private Secretaries to WSC] to the Adviser on Combined Operations and Lord Louis Mountbatten [Commodore, Combined Operations]. 02 Nov 1941 - 08 Nov 1941
CHAR 20/30/71-72 Letter from H G Wells to WSC suggesting that points of difficulty should be worked out by young soldiers taking part in raids. [Manuscript with typescript copy]. 10 Nov 1941
CHAR 20/30/73-76 Telegram from Chaim Weizmann [President, World Zionist Organisation and Jewish Agency for Palestine] to WSC expressing distress at the loss of British sailors and battleship [the Hood]; with acknowledgement from WSC and filing notes. 25 May 1941 - 28 May 1941
CHAR 20/30/77-80 Letters from Chaim Weizmann [President: World Zionist Organisation and Jewish Agency for Palestine] to Sir Archibald Sinclair [Secretary of State for Air, later 1st Lord Thurso], and John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] with reference to the enclosed telegram from Shertok [Jerusalem] to Weizmann regretting the delay in his proposed visit to Palestine, asking for assistance in getting to Palestine by air; with additional note by Martin to WSC. 09 Nov 1941 - 27 Nov 1941
CHAR 20/30/81 Note from Major-General Sir Hastings Ismay [Chief of Staff to WSC] to WSC requesting an interview for Brigadier John Whiteley of General Sir Archibald Wavell [Commander- in-Chief, Middle East]'s staff who has recently visited Franklin Roosevelt [President of the United States]. 22 May 1941
CHAR 20/30/82-86 Note from Anthony Bevir [Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC regarding a letter from Colonel Sir Robert Williams on the Civil List; with reply from WSC to Williams. 10 Jun 1941 - 16 Jun 1941
CHAR 20/30/87-91 Letter from General Sir Reginald Wingate to WSC enclosing a letter [copy] from Sir John Cargill, Chairman of the Burmah Oil Company Limited, to Wingate, on Yugoslavia and Germany, the Soviet Union and Turkey, and a newspaper cutting from the Dundee Advertiser on Vichy France; with acknowledgement from John Colville [Private Secretary to WSC]. 01 Apr 1941 - 08 Apr 1941
CHAR 20/30/92-94 Letter from General Sir Reginald Wingate to WSC enclosing an extract from a letter from George Urquhart [an ex-Sapper] praising WSC's leadership; with letter of acknowledgement from John Colville [Private Secretary to WSC]. [See CHAR 20/8/146 - 147 for Urquhart's views on British commitment to the war]. 25 Feb 1941 - 26 Feb 1941
CHAR 20/30/95-101 Letters from Brigadier [Arthur] Allan Younger [Projectile Development Establishment] to WSC, and to Charles Thompson [Personal Assistant to WSC] expressing concern about Duncan Sandys's accident; with acknowledgement and note from Major-General Sir Hastings Ismay [Chief of Staff to WSC]. 15 Apr 1941 - 23 Apr 1941
CHAR 20/30/102-107 Request from WSC to Major-General Sir Hastings Ismay [Chief of Staff to WSC] to see copies of books by General Sir Archibald Wavell [Commander-in-Chief, Middle East]; with a reply from Lieutenant-Colonel [Edward] Ian Jacob [Military Assistant Secretary to the War Cabinet] and correspondence between Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander M H Knott [Private Secretary to the Deputy Secretary of the War Cabinet] and John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC]. 11 Dec 1940 - 12 Mar 1941
CHAR 20/30/108-112 Edition of the National Review entitled "Episodes of the month", including a criticism of WSC's treatment of General Sir Archibald Wavell [printed]; with notes, including a note from John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC], arranging a meeting between WSC and Wavell. [See also CHAR 20/30/115 - 117 ]. Aug 1941 - 17 Sep 1941
CHAR 20/30/113 Letter from General Sir John Dill, Chief of Imperial General Staff, to WSC suggesting that General Sir Archibald Wavell be allowed to visit Tiflis [Tbilisi, Soviet Union] and Teheran [Iran]. 16 Sep 1941
CHAR 20/30/114 Note from Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC arranging meetings for General Sir Archibald Wavell and Sir Noel Charles, British Ambassador to Brazil. 17 Sep 1941
CHAR 20/30/115-117 Letter from General Sir Archibald Wavell to WSC drawing his attention to the article in the National Review and assuring him that he has faith in WSC's motives and leadership; with copy of WSC's reply. [See CHAR 20/30/108 - 112 ]. Sep 1941
CHAR 20/30/118-125 Letters from Josiah Wedgwood to WSC asking for support for a project to distribute copies of an anthology "Forever Freedom" to schools throughout Britain and the Empire; with notes from WSC and John Colville [Private Secretary to WSC] to [Alfred] Duff Cooper [Minister of Information, later 1st Lord Norwich] and 6th Lord Hood [Private Secretary to Minister of Information] requesting advice and reply from Duff Cooper that copies will be distributed; also includes copy of WSC's reply to Wedgwood. 25 Jan 1941 - 10 Feb 1941
CHAR 20/30/126-128 Article from the Staffordshire Evening Sentinel entitled "The Old World and the New in Common Cause" by Josiah Wedgwood; with covering note from Wedgwood and telegram of thanks from WSC. 19 Mar 1941 - 29 Mar 1941
CHAR 20/30/129 Letter from Josiah Wedgwood to WSC on the bombing of the House of Commons. 11 May 1941
CHAR 20/30/130-134 Letter from Josiah Wedgwood to WSC, enclosing a letter from Harold Ickes, United States Secretary of the Interior, to Wedgwood discussing oil supplies to the Soviet Union and Britain; also includes note by Anthony Bevir [Private Secretary to WSC] on forwarding the letter to the Foreign Secretary, and copy of a reply to Wedgwood by John Colville [Private Secretary to WSC]. 10 Aug 1941 - 26 Sep 1941
CHAR 20/30/135-141 Letter from Josiah Wedgwood [manuscript and typescript copy] to WSC enclosing a letter from Alfred Thompson to Wedgwood complaining at WSC following the advice of experts and hesitating to pursue campaigns; with acknowledgement from WSC. [See also CHAR 20/22B/172 for copy of WSC's acknowledgement]. 02 Oct 1941 - 08 Oct 1941
CHAR 20/30/142-143 Letters from Josiah Wedgwood to WSC on letter from Harold Ickes [United States Secretary of the Interior] [not present]; with copy of reply by WSC. 27 Oct 1941 - 01 Nov 1941
CHAR 20/30/144-148 Letter from Josiah Wedgwood [manuscript and typescript copy] to WSC on losses in Libya; includes note and acknowledgement from Lieutenant-Colonel George Harvie-Watt [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC]. 25 Nov 1941 - 28 Nov 1941
CHAR 20/30/149-151 Letter from Josiah Wedgwood to WSC on the lack of help from India, and the fault being that of the Viceroy [and Governor- General of India, 2nd Lord Linlithgow, earlier Lord Hopetoun]; encloses letter from 6th Lord Winterton [earlier Lord Turnour] to Wedgwood, on the need for a debate on India; also includes an acknowledgement by Francis Brown [Private Secretary to WSC]. 05 Dec 1941 - 10 Dec 1941
CHAR 20/30/152 Copy of "Forever Freedom" by Josiah Wedgwood and Allan Nevins [Harmsworth Professor of American History at Oxford], an anthology of verse, prose and speeches on liberty. [Printed]. 1940