Official: Prime Minister: correspondence on appointments to office.

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Date: Jan 1941 - Jul 1941




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CHAR 20/34/1-2 Note from James Stuart [Government Chief Whip] to WSC advising that [4th] Lord Templemore [earlier Arthur Chichester] would not be "the best man" for the Ministry of Agriculture; with manuscript letter of recommendation for Templemore from "John" [1st Lord Simon of Stackpole Elidor]. 05 Feb 1941 - 06 Feb 1941
CHAR 20/34/3-4 Letter from J H Edge (The Press Club, St Bride's House, Salisbury Square [London]) to WSC recommending H Leslie Boyce MP for the post of Minister of Production. Signed manuscript with carbon copy of letter of acknowledgement from [George] Harvie-Watt [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC] to Edge. 24 Jul 1941 - 26 Jul 1941
CHAR 20/34/5 Letter from Robert Boothby (17 Pall Mall, London) to WSC (10 Downing Street) tendering his resignation as Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food. Signed typescript [incorrectly] dated 1940, annotated by "J M M" [John Martin, Prime Minister's Private Secretary]. 21 Jan [1941]
CHAR 20/34/6 Letter from Anthony [Eden, later 1st Lord Avon, Foreign Secretary] (Foreign Office) to WSC asking for "Dick" [Richard] Law [later 1st Lord Coleraine] as Under-Secretary rather than Duncan [Sandys]. Signed manuscript. 16 Jul 1941
CHAR 20/34/7 Note from "K W" [Sir Kingsley Wood, Chancellor of the Exchequer] (11 Downing Street) to WSC on changes in the constituent posts of the Cabinet, advises against both a Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Minister for Economics. Initialled manuscript. 21 Jun 1941
CHAR 20/34/8 Letter from [1st] Lord Lloyd [of Dolobran, Secretary of State for the Colonies] (Cloud's Hill, Offley [Hertfordshire]) to WSC on the appointment of Lord Cranborne [earlier Robert Gascoyne Cecil, later 5th Lord Salisbury] as Leader of the House of Lords; feels his own reputation may be damaged. Signed manuscript. 04 Jan 1941
CHAR 20/34/9 Letter from [Clement] Attlee [Lord Privy Seal] (11 Downing Street) to WSC advising against sending [David] Grenfell [Secretary for Mines] to New Zealand if he is to be removed from the Mines Department. Signed typescript. 18 Jul 1941
CHAR 20/34/10 Note by WSC on [David] Margesson's thoughts on [Ernest] Thurtle [Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Information] and [Philip] Noel-Baker. With reply in unidentified hand. c 1941
CHAR 20/34/11 Old envelope with annotations. Jul 1941
CHAR 20/34/12-15 Note from [Brendan] Bracken [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC dated 7 June on changes in ministerial office: suggests [Harry] Crookshank for Ministry of Fuel, Light and Power; [R A] Butler as Financial Secretary of the Treasury; Under-Secretaryships: Richard Law [later 1st Lord Coleraine] at the Foreign Office; Philip [Noel-]Baker at the Ministry of Information; "Nicholson" [?Harold Nicolson, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Information] to the Board of Education; [James] Chuter-Ede and Geoffrey Lloyd to Ministry of Fuel, Light and Power, Graham White as Financial Secretary to the War Office, and George Lambert as Paymaster-General. Initialled typescript. Second manuscript note suggesting "Top" [Lord] Wolmer [later 3rd Lord Selborne] and Oliver Stanley need "soothing". Jun 1941
CHAR 20/34/16-18 Letter from [1st] Lord Weir (25 Fountain House, Park Lane [London]) to WSC (10 Downing Street) on his resignation from the Ministry of Supply. Signed manuscript with carbon copy of WSC's acknowledgement. 08 Jul 1941 - 11 Jul 1941
CHAR 20/34/19 Note from "E A S" [Eric Seal, Prime Minister's Principal Private Secretary] (Admiralty) to WSC suggesting [Robert] Hudson or [Sir John] Reith for the Ministry of Transport instead of Ernest Brown. Manuscript. c 1940