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Date: Jan 1942 - Jan 1943


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CHAR 20/52/1-5 Letter from WSC to 1st Lord Beaverbrook [Minister of Supply, earlier Max Aitken] on the importance of the import deal with the United States and refusing to accept his resignation [Beaverbrook's letter enclosed]. Also note by Denis Kelly [literary assistant to WSC] on using the letters and also folios 6-10 in ["The Second World War"] (1949). 12 Jan 1942
CHAR 20/52/6-9 Letter from 1st Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Max Aitken] to WSC giving advice about a War Cabinet reshuffle, with note from Brendan Bracken [Minister of Information] advising WSC to ignore the advice; includes filing notes. 17 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/52/10 Letter from 1st Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Max Aitken] to WSC on his gratitude for WSC's support. 26 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/52/11 Ms note "open no more negotiations with Sparta ...". [1942]
CHAR 20/52/12-16 Letter from Major-General Sir Frederick Maurice [Principal of Queen Mary College, University of London] to WSC offering advise on Cabinet structure [manuscript with typescript copy]; with acknowledgement. 14 Feb 1942 - 24 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/52/17-18 Copy of a letter from WSC to President [Roosevelt] referring to a late night discussion on the importance of co-operation between UK and US "cipher people". He says that although naval ciphers are frankly discussed between the two Intelligence Services, the UK appears to lack information about the US diplomatic and military ciphers and that he had ordered intelligence work on US ciphers to cease once the two countries became allies. He asks the President to handle the issue personally and ideally to burn his letter. Unsigned carbon typescript annotated [by Denis Kelly] "'42 Archives". 25 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/52/19-21 Letter from WSC to "C" [Major-General Sir Stewart Menzies, Head of the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6] on memorandum [CHAR 20/52/17-18]; notes that the United States has British cipher machines. 08 Feb 1942-09 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/52/22-24 Minute from WSC to Major-General Sir Hastings Ismay [Chief of Staff to WSC] for Chiefs of Staff Committee on counter-offensive to Japanese advance into China and Burma; envelope at folio 20. 04 Apr 1942
CHAR 20/52/25-26 Letter from King George VI to WSC inviting him to dinner. Manuscript. 10 Apr 1942
CHAR 20/52/27-29 Letter from Franklin Roosevelt, President of the United States, to WSC with message on visit by Harry Hopkins [Special adviser and assistant to Roosevelt] and General George Marshall [Chief of Staff, United States Army], pledging joint offensive in Western European theatre. 03 Apr 1942
CHAR 20/52/30-73 Secret memorandum "Operations in Western Europe" from the President of the United States [Franklin Roosevelt] via Harry Hopkins [Special adviser and assistant to Roosevelt] to WSC proposing joint policy and invasion plans for 1942; circulated to Sir James Grigg, [Secretary of State for War], Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs [Lord Cranborne, later 5th Lord Salisbury], Foreign Secretary [Anthony Eden, later 1st Lord Avon], First Lord of the Admiralty [A V Alexander], and Secretary of State for Air [Sir Archibald Sinclair, later 1st Lord Thurso]; includes note by John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] forwarding the memorandum to Sir James Grigg. [3 copies]. 11 Apr 1942 - 04 May 1942
CHAR 20/52/74-75 Letter from WSC to King George VI requesting that Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary [later 1st Lord Avon] be made Prime Minister in the event of WSC's death [during his visit to Washington, United States]; includes note by [Denis Kelly, literary assistant to WSC, on publication of the letter in "The Second World War"]. 16 Jun 1942
CHAR 20/52/76-78 Letter and memorandum from Stanley Bruce [High Commissioner for Australia in London] to WSC urging greater defence to maintain convoys to the Soviet Union. 07 Jul 1942
CHAR 20/52/79-81 Minute from James Stuart [Government Chief Whip] with note by John Peck [Private Secretary to WSC] on a press rumour about 1st Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Max Aitken]'s return to politics, with cutting from the News Chronicle. 15 Jul 1942
CHAR 20/52/82 Telegram from the President of the United States [Franklin Roosevelt] to WSC agreeing to advance start date of Torch [codename of the Allied invasion of North West Africa] and the announcement of General Dwight Eisenhower's command [as Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces in North Africa]. 08 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/52/83-89 Letter from King George VI to WSC wishing him success on his visit East to meet General Jan Smuts [Prime Minister of South Africa] and Stalin; with reply and envelopes. [Manuscript and typescript copies]. 01 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/52/90-91 Telegram from the Governor-General of New Zealand [8th Lord Galway, earlier George Monckton-Arundell] to the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs [Lord Cranborne, later 5th Lord Salisbury] enquiring about his successor, Marshal of the RAF Sir Cyril Newall and whether his first wife died or if a divorce was obtained before his second marriage. 20 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/52/92-95 Letter from King George VI to WSC congratulating him on the 8th Army's victory in Egypt [at El Alamein]; with reply and envelope. 05 Nov 1942
CHAR 20/52/96-100 Letter from King George VI to WSC enclosing a memorandum explaining why Wallis, Duchess of Windsor [earlier Wallis Simpson] may not use the title "Royal Highness"; with envelope. 08 Dec 1942 - 09 Dec 1942
CHAR 20/52/101-112 Letters from Admiral Jean Darlan [Commander-in-Chief of the land, sea and air forces of Vichy France] to WSC on Anglo-French relations, with notes including 3 by Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC] ascertaining whether the letter is in Darlan's own handwriting, a letter from General Dwight Eisenhower [Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces in North Africa], passing on Darlan's letter, and on his own gratitude for WSC's support and a minute from Lieutenant- General Sir Hastings Ismay [Chief of Staff to WSC]. 04 Dec 1942 - 21 Jan 1943
CHAR 20/52/113 [?] Note on possible War Cabinet reshuffle. [1942]