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Date: Sep 1940 - Jul 1949


The majority of material in this file dates to 1942.

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CHAR 20/58/1-3 Newspaper cutting from the Manchester Guardian reporting an article by Richard Law [later 1st Lord Coleraine] on his father Andrew Bonar Law; includes covering letter by "Max" [1st Lord Beaverbrook, earlier Max Aitken] summarizing the article, and filing note. 14 Nov 1942 - 15 Dec 1942
CHAR 20/58/4-11 Extracts from letter from Jennie Lee [Janet Bevan] to King Gordon, United States, intercepted by the censor: controversial comments on Sir Stafford Cripps [Lord Privy Seal], the attitude of the coal miners, organising opposition to a Conservative Government, and the resentment felt by United States airmen in Britain at slow British military development; includes covering notes between Hubert Gee [Principal Private Secretary to Minister of Labour and National Service], John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] and Guy Millard, Foreign Office. 17 Sep 1942 - 06 Oct 1942
CHAR 20/58/12-15 Letter from Edith, Lady Londonderry to WSC asking him to find war work for Oliver [? Oliver Stanley]; with transcript and reply. 02 Jul 1942 - 04 Jul 1942
CHAR 20/58/16-22 Copy of letter from George Sparrow to Major Sir Jocelyn Lucas on adapting the Mosquito aircraft as a torpedo bomber, forwarded by Lucas to Brigadier George Harvie-Watt [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC] with reply; plan rejected by Geoffrey Mander [Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Air]. 15 May 1942 - 18 Jun 1942
CHAR 20/58/23 Letter from John Llewellin [Minister of Aircraft Production] to WSC thanking him for kind remarks and assuring him of the Ministry's efforts to push forward heavy bomber production. 06 Oct 1942
CHAR 20/58/24-34 Draft letter from WSC to General Douglas MacArthur [Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces, South West Pacific Area] bearing good wishes for MacArthur and his command, with appreciative reply, including MacArthur's opinion that WSC deserved the Victoria Cross, passed on by "C" [General Sir Stewart Menzies, Head of the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6]; includes correspondence between John Martin and Francis Brown [Private Secretaries to WSC] and Valentine Lawford [Assistant Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary] on preparing the draft. 14 Jun 1942 - 28 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/58/35-40 Notes from Sir Ronald Cross [British High Commissioner in Australia] to Clement Attlee [Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs] describing the character of General Douglas MacArthur [Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces, South West Pacific Area] and his impact on Australia; includes covering letter from Joseph Garner [Private Secretary to Attlee] to John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] and note by Denis Kelly [Literary Assistant to WSC] (1949). 12 Aug 1942 - 28 Jul 1949
CHAR 20/58/41-44 Letter and memorandum from Christopher Mackintosh [Chairman and Managing Director of Sir Henry Lunn Limited] to Brigadier George Harvie-Watt [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC] on development of "E.S." materials and threats used by Ministry of Aircraft Production to obtain patent; includes letter from Ben Smith [Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Aircraft Production] to Harvie-Watt, explaining their position. 24 Jul 1942 - 13 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/58/45-51 Correspondence between Francis Brown [Private Secretary to WSC], WSC, Lieutenant-General Bernard Paget [Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces] and "Bert" [10th Duke of Marlborough, earlier Lord Blandford] on arrangements for Marlborough to be Liaison Officer to General Hugh Ellis, Regional Commissioner, Southern Command and also on the defences of [?] Chequers [Buckinghamshire]. 13 Apr 1942 - 30 Oct 1942
CHAR 20/58/52-61 Letter from John Marsh, Royal Empire Society, to John Peck [Assistant Private Secretary to WSC] hinting at the disloyal activities of a political group in Westminster [controlled by Kenneth de Courcy]; includes letters by Anthony Bevir [Private Secretary to WSC] to Henry Strutt [Principal Private Secretary to Home Secretary], Marsh and WSC, and correspondence between Major Desmond Morton [Personal Assistant to WSC] and 1st Lord Swinton [earlier Philip Lloyd-Greame and Philip Cunliffe-Lister]. 18 Sep 1940 - 01 Dec 1941
CHAR 20/58/62-76 Memorandum from John Marsh, Royal Empire Society, on factory conditions and increased munitions production; with correspondence between Anthony Bevir [Private Secretary to WSC], Major Desmond Morton [Personal Assistant to WSC] and Sir Frederick Leggett [Deputy Secretary], Ministry of Labour and National Service. 11 May 1942 - 19 May 1942
CHAR 20/58/77-84 Correspondence between John Marsh, Royal Empire Society, Anthony Bevir, Private Secretary to WSC, and Major Desmond Morton [Personal Assistant to WSC] on allegations by Marsh of corruption surrounding the Dead Sea Concessions and the People's Common Law Parliament, implicating 2nd Lord Lytton, Leo Amery [Secretary of State for India and Burma], Sir John Shuckburgh [former Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office], Mr Rendal, formerly of the Foreign Office, 1st Lord Simon and 12th Duke of Bedford [earlier Lord Tavistock]; includes notes on Marsh and his allegations. 25 Oct 1942 - 27 Oct 1942
CHAR 20/58/85 Letter from General George Marshall [United States Chief of Staff] to WSC thanking him for his hospitality on his visit to Britain. 28 Apr 1942
CHAR 20/58/86-88 Telegram from Robert Menzies [ex-Prime Minister of Australia] in tribute to WSC; with reply from WSC and covering note from Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC] to Joseph Garner [Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs]. 19 Feb 1942 - 23 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/58/89-90 Newspaper cutting from the Sunday Times entitled "Makers of Victory", by Sir Walter Monckton [former Director-General of British Propaganda and Information Services at Cairo, Egypt], on war in the Middle East; with covering note by John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC]. 07 Nov 1942
CHAR 20/58/91-92 Letter from Captain Sir Arthur Morrell, Deputy Master, Trinity House, to WSC congratulating him on his trip to the United States and Canada; with reply. 20 Jan 1942 - 09 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/58/93-97 Text of speech by Herbert Morrison, Home Secretary, to the Textile Trades Union conference, Blackpool [Lancashire] on the defeat of Government candidates and the party political system; with suggested amendments by WSC and correspondence between Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC] and Henry Strutt [Principal Private Secretary to Morrison]. 05 May 1942
CHAR 20/58/98 Letter from Herbert Morrison, Home Secretary, to WSC, thanking him for a letter [not present] and for his kind words in Cabinet. 02 Jun 1942
CHAR 20/58/99-100 Cutting from the Times on parliamentary speech by Herbert Morrison, Home Secretary, praising WSC's inter-war warnings about the need for rearmament and stronger Armed Forces; with letter of thanks from WSC. 17 Jul 1942 - 18 Jul 1942