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Date: Dec [1941] - Dec 1942


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CHAR 20/61/1-13 Extract from Hansard with summary of Parliamentary questions from Major Charles Taylor and others to WSC about co-operation between the Army and RAF in the Middle East, and in their training; also includes copy of letter from Admiral Sir [William] Reginald Hall to Taylor on the control of air power in Egypt, with letters from Taylor to Brigadier George Harvie-Watt [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC], enclosing Hall's letter, thanking WSC for answering his questions, asking if he could discuss them and the question of Army pay further and requesting employment. 23 Feb 1942 - 03 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/61/14-15 Notes from John Peck [Assistant Private Secretary to WSC] to Reginald Maudling, Air Ministry and WSC on sketches of the Middle East by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder [Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, RAF Middle East] to be published in the London Illustrated News. 17 Dec 1942 - 18 Dec 1942
CHAR 20/61/16-21 Letter from Nils Testrup (Swedish businessman) to 2nd Lord Balfour suggesting that British propaganda should portray Hitler as mad not evil; forwarded by Betty, Lady Balfour [earlier Lady Betty Balfour and Lady Betty Lytton] to CSC, with reply and covering note from CSC to John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] and note from Major Desmond Morton [Personal Assistant to WSC] to Martin. 27 Feb 1942 - 11 Mar 1942
CHAR 20/61/22-24 Letter from John Tinker to WSC [with transcript] commenting on WSC's commitment to use poison gas against Germany if Hitler used it on the Soviet Union and recommending the use of explosives instead; annotated by WSC, with reply by Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC]. 12 May 1942 - 14 May 1942
CHAR 20/61/25-28 Telegrams from Sir Hubert Young, Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, to the Secretary of State for the Colonies [Lord Cranborne, later 5th Lord Salisbury] and forwarded to the British Ambassador to the United States [Lord Halifax, earlier Edward Wood and Lord Irwin] on a proposal to name a road under construction the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway; with notes between Ruth Malleson, Private Secretary, Colonial Office, and Francis Brown [Private Secretary to WSC] giving WSC's approval. 11 Mar 1942 - 15 Mar 1942
CHAR 20/61/29-151 Memoranda by 3rd Lord Tollemache, on subjects including: the defence of the Empire, on modernising the Imperial Defence Cabinet, the Ministry of Production and the Imperial General Staff; modern war on land, including the army, transport and supply; the Home Guard; the RAF; fuel supply co-ordination; improving the railways; army training; with covering letter from Tollemache to WSC including notes on supplying fighter aircraft to the Middle East and Far East and strategic islands in the Indian Ocean; also includes notes from John Peck to Tollemache, to WSC advising him not the read the memoranda, and to 1st Lord Cherwell [Personal Assistant to WSC, earlier F A Lindemann], with minute from Cherwell summarizing Tollemache's arguments. 05 Mar 1942 - 28 Sep 1942
CHAR 20/61/152-153 Letter from Sir Robert Vansittart [former Chief Diplomatic Adviser to Foreign Secretary] to WSC asking him to read his recommendations made to Brendan Bracken [Minister of Information] about winning the peace as well as the war and thanking him for his tribute in the House of Commons; includes filing note. 18 Dec [1941]