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Date: Jan 1942 - Dec 1942


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CHAR 20/62/1-5 Poem by James Walker, "Professor Knowallaski" mocking 'experts'; includes covering note from John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC, and filing notes. 31 Aug 1942 - 14 Sep 1942
CHAR 20/62/6-16 Letter from Robert Barrington-Ward [Editor of the Times] to WSC with a draft declaration of National Purpose building on the Atlantic Charter and setting out post-war aims; with acknowledgement. 14 Apr 1942 - 17 Apr 1942
CHAR 20/62/17-20 Letter from Wing-Commander Sir Ronald Waterhouse (Air Ministry, Richmond Terrace, London) to John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] enclosing a report [not present] on public relations in the United States and the American attitude to the war; with reply by Martin and filing notes. 26 Aug 1942 - 01 Sep 1942
CHAR 20/62/21-30 Copies of extract from Daily Herald article by Hannen Swaffer accusing Brigadier George Harvie-Watt, Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC, of sneering at local Conservatives, of loose talk and anti-Soviet sentiments; also includes correspondence between Harvie-Watt, John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] and Sir Thomas Barnes [Procurator-General and Treasury Solicitor], denying the story, checking on whether it could be libellous and establishing that the remarks were actually made by a Mr Graham. 08 Aug 1942 - 24 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/62/31-37 Letter from General Sir Archibald Wavell [Commander-in-Chief, India] to WSC, enclosing copy [not present] of "The Tiger Strikes", an account of the achievements of the 4th and 5th Indian Divisions, fighting in the Middle East; with transcript, reply expressing thanks and also including notes by Anthony Bevir and Francis Brown [Private Secretaries to WSC] checking on the whereabouts of the divisions. 15 Jun 1942 - 07 Aug 1942
CHAR 20/62/38-44 Letter from 1st Lord Wedgwood to WSC on the need to hold mouth of the Ganges [India] as a submarine base and the son of the former Prime Minister of Madras, Chakravarti Rajagopalacharyra; with transcript and acknowledgements, note from WSC's Private Office forwarding another letter from Wedgwood to 1st Lord Beaverbrook [former Minister of Supply, earlier Max Aitken] and note from Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC on a further idea of Wedgwood's on the post-war exchange of goods. 20 Mar 1942 - 13 May 1942
CHAR 20/62/45-46 Letter by Brendan Bracken [Minister of Information] to WSC complaining about a broadcast made by Lord Wedgwood to the United States on anti-Semitism in Britain and Palestine, which was missed by the censor; annotated by WSC "make sure he [the censor] is not employed again"; with cutting from the Daily Mail, 27 May. 27 May 1942 - 28 May 1942
CHAR 20/62/47-62 Letters from "Jos", 1st Lord Wedgwood to WSC on subjects including: condemning generals who surrender; blowing up the dam on the Nile [Egypt]; calling for a gesture of support for the Jews; Hindu fear of Moslems and Bolshevism in India; the inflationary dangers in the Beveridge Report [on Social Insurance] and Scott-Uthwatt Report; general military ideas; with acknowledgements, notes by John Peck [Assistant Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC and Rosalind Culhane [Assistant Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, later Rosalind, Lady Padmore] and annotation by WSC that he must always be shown Wedgwood's communications. 04 Jun 1942 - 08 Dec 1942
CHAR 20/62/63-68 Notes by Anthony Bevir and John Martin [Private Secretaries to WSC] on contacting Sir Charles Wilson [President, Royal College of Physicians, later 1st Lord Moran]; includes correspondence between Bevir and Wilson. 23 Feb 1942 - 27 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/62/69-85 Correspondence between Francis Brown [Private Secretary to WSC] and Major A D Melville, War Office, "Bendor", 2nd Duke of Westminster [earlier Lord Belgrave] and WSC about an apparent plan to requisition Westminster's property at Lochmore, Sutherland [Scotland], in addition to his other homes; annotated by WSC, with plan of Lochmore. 21 Sep 1942- 30 Oct 1942
CHAR 20/62/86-91 Report from the Times, June 1941, on speech by Sir Herbert Williams criticising the Cabinet and Coalition Government; also includes extracts from other statements by Williams, April 1940 - November 1941. 28 Jan 1942
CHAR 20/62/92-95 Letter from Professor Harold Laski to WSC recommending Major Orde Wingate for command in the Far East following his success in Ethiopia [earlier Abyssinia]; with note and reply from Lieutenant-General Sir Hastings Ismay [Chief of Staff to WSC] advising that Wingate is already being sent out to [India]. 11 Feb 1942 - 13 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/62/96-103 Memorandum by Major Orde Wingate on the reconnaissance of Tibesti [Libya] as the first step in the conquest of North Africa, recommending the use of a native army, [including map, at CHAR 20/62/115]; forwarded to WSC and Lieutenant-General Sir Hastings Ismay [Chief of Staff to WSC] by Randolph Churchill; with note from Ismay to WSC commenting on the unfeasibility of the plan, and forwarding note from John Peck [Assistant Private Secretary to WSC] to Lieutenant-Commander M Knott [Private Secretary to Deputy Secretary of the War Cabinet]. 18 Feb 1942 - 16 May 1942
CHAR 20/62/104-111 Letter from General Sir [Francis] Reginald Wingate [former Governor-General of the Sudan and British High Commissioner in Egypt] to WSC on the need to regain Moslem confidence in India, the Near and Middle East and in Africa, and suggesting sending R A Butler, President of the Board of Education, on a mission to Ibn Saud [King of Saudi Arabia]; includes notes from John Martin [Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC and Wingate passing on Butler's rejection of the idea, copy of letter from Sir John Shea to Butler, apologizing for allowing Wingate to put Butler's name forward without his permission, and correspondence between Martin and S Goodfellow, Board of Education. 23 Apr 1942 - 30 Apr 1942
CHAR 20/62/112-114 Letter from Captain Count Stefan Zamoyski, Aide-de-Camp to General Wladyslaw Sikorski [Prime Minister, Polish Government and Commander-in-Chief, Polish Army] to WSC thanking him for a signed photograph; with letter from WSC thanking Zamoyski for a map of Poland in 1752; includes note from Francis Brown and John Martin [Private Secretaries to WSC] to WSC. 12 May 1942 - 14 May 1942
CHAR 20/62/115 Sketch map illustrating Major Orde Wingate's proposed Tibesti [Libya] Operation [see CHAR 20/62/96-103]. Feb 1942