Official: Prime Minister: Appointments to Office.

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Date: May 1940 - Apr 1942


The majority of material in this file dates to January - April 1942.

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Contained records

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CHAR 20/66/1-2 Letter from 1st Lord Cecil of Chelwood to WSC recommending Philip Noel-Baker to replace Arthur Greenwood [as Minister without Portfolio]; includes filing note. 26 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/3-5 Letter from 1st Lord Hailsham [earlier Douglas Hogg] recommending his son, Quintin Hogg [later 2nd Lord Hailsham and Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone], as a junior Minister, with reply from WSC recommending him to the Chief Whip [James Stuart]; also includes a note from Leslie Rowan [Private Secretary to WSC] to WSC noting that the Chief Whip has seen Hailsham's letter and asking if WSC will reply. 24 Feb 1942 - 06 Mar 1942
CHAR 20/66/6 Letter from Hugh Dalton [President, Board of Trade] to WSC requesting Colonel Harold Mitchell as his Parliamentary Secretary; annotated by WSC saying no. 26 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/7-9 Letter from Sir Patrick Hannon to WSC recommending Sir William Brass [later 1st Lord Chattisham], former Parliamentary Private Secretary to "Brab" [1st Lord Brabazon, earlier John Moore-Brabazon], Minister of Aircraft Production and to Neville Chamberlain; includes acknowledgement and covering note by Brigadier George Harvie-Watt [Parliamentary Private Secretary to WSC]. 24 Mar 1942 - 01 Apr 1942
CHAR 20/66/10-13 Telegram from the Lord Privy Seal [Clement Attlee] to WSC on a rumour that 1st Lord Beaverbrook [Minister of Supply, earlier Max Aitken] will be appointed Resident Minister in the United States, with letter from Anthony Bevir [Private Secretary to WSC] to Alan Hodge [Assistant Private Secretary to Minister of Information] confirming that WSC has sent a telegram to Attlee replying to his enquiry by asking him to contradict the rumour; also includes note by John Peck [Assistant Private Secretary to WSC] on information from the Assistant Director of Press Censorship about the rumour and a request to the Press Censors to stop any references to it. 04 Jan 1942 - 05 Jan 1942
CHAR 20/66/14-15 Letter from Captain Harry Crookshank [Financial Secretary to the Treasury] to WSC refusing the appointment of Minister of Works. 22 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/16 Letter from John Moore-Brabazon [later 1st Lord Brabazon] to WSC thanking him for support as he leaves office [as Minister of Aircraft Production]. 21 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/17-18 Letter from Sir Edward Grigg [later 1st Lord Altrincham] to WSC in response to a letter from WSC requesting him to resign as Joint Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for War, as the office is needed for a Labour representative; Grigg regrets the decision but will consider the offer of a peerage; also includes letter from Grigg (1940) thanking WSC for his appointment and rejecting a peerage. 18 May 1940 - 04 Mar 1942
CHAR 20/66/20-25 Correspondence between WSC and [Henry] David Margesson about Margesson's removal from office [as Secretary of State for War] and future plans; includes note by Kathleen Hill [Secretary to WSC]. 21 Feb 1942 - 27 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/26-28 Letter from WSC to 1st Lord Moyne [earlier Walter Guinness] asking him to resign as Secretary of State for the Colonies in favour of Lord Cranborne [later 5th Lord Salisbury], with reply from Moyne agreeing. [Copy of WSC's letter at CHAR 20/66/31]. 19 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/29-30 Letter from WSC to 1st Lord Reith asking him to resign as Minister of Works and Buildings, with reply assenting. 21 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/31 Copy of CHAR 20/66/27-28; annotated by [Denis Kelly, Literary Assistant to WSC, and presumably used in "The Second World War"]. 19 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/32-34 Letter from WSC to Captain Austin Hudson [Civil Lord of the Admiralty] asking him to resign, with reply from Hudson agreeing and enquiring whether the post of Assistant Commissioner [Deputy Regional Commissioner for Southern Civil Defence Region] vacated by Robert Bernays has been filled; also includes letter from WSC explaining that Bernays's post has been filled already. 03 Mar 1942 - 04 Mar 1942
CHAR 20/66/35-36 Letter from WSC to Geoffrey Shakespeare [Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dominions Office] asking him to resign and offering him a baronetcy; with reply agreeing and asking for time to consider the offer of a baronetcy. 03 Mar 1942 - 04 Mar 1942
CHAR 20/66/37 Letter from Anthony Eden [Foreign Secretary, later 1st Lord Avon] to WSC considering [? John McEwen] for the Whips' Office and recommending moving Sir Derrick Gunston [Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Joint Parliamentary Under- Secretary of State for War] into the Whips' Office as a progressive influence on McEwen in order to strengthen the Whips' team. 09 Mar 1942
CHAR 20/66/38 Letter from WSC to Sir Kingsley Wood [Chancellor of the Exchequer] on the composition of the new War Cabinet, regretting that his post is not included in the Cabinet but inviting him to meetings when financial affairs are involved. 19 Feb 1942
CHAR 20/66/39 Compliments slip from 1st Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Max Aitken]. 30 Jan 1942