Official: Cabinet: Foreign affairs.

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Date: 1911


Cabinet papers on various subjects including: the declaration of London and its effect on Great Britain's "belligerent rights" and neutral shipping; the Russian fishing zone; Japanese affairs including tariff negotiations, the treaty of commerce and navigation, and an alliance with Great Britain; bulletins from [James] Bryce [British ambassador to the United States] on tariff relations between Canada and the United States; budget arrangements in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and the United States; the Army (annual) bill; the Geneva convention bill; commercial negotiations with Portugal; arbitration with the United States; Imperial wireless stations; Italy's threatened occupation of Tripoli [Libya] and the likelihood of war with Turkey; the financial extravagance of the Sultan of Zanzibar [Tanzania]; affairs in Russia; the siege of Bilbao [Spain]; relations with Germany and elections in Canada. Also includes printed covering letters from [Sir] Edward Grey [Foreign Secretary], Richard Haldane [Secretary of State for War] and Sydney Buxton [President of the Board of Trade].





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