Official: Cabinet: Foreign Office: Daily telegrams.

Reference code: CHAR 21/28

Part of: CHAR 21
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Date: 26 Jul 1911 - 19 Oct 1911


Volume of telegrams from British ambassadors in various countries and replies from the Foreign Office including: [James] Bryce [British ambassador to the United States] on affairs in America; [Lucien] Jerome on affairs in Peru; Sir William Goschen [British ambassador to Germany] on the implications of a gunboat sent by Germany to Agadir [Morocco]; Sir George Buchanan [British Ambassador in Russia] on Russian affairs; [Sir] George Barclay [British Minister in Persia, later Iran]; [Malcolm] Robertson on negotiations between Romania and Turkey; [Francis] Bertie [British Ambassador to France] on France and Morocco; [Fairfax] Cartwright on the negative attitude of the German press.

Other subjects include: the outbreak of cholera in Crete [Greece] and discussion of the recognition of the republic in Portugal.

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