Official: Cabinet: Irish Home Rule: printed papers.

Reference code: CHAR 21/29A-B

Part of: CHAR 21
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Previous record: CHAR 21/28

Date: 06 Nov 1911 - 16 Apr 1912


Includes Cabinet papers on: Irish finance and the powers of the Irish Parliament; objections to the Home Rule Bill by Arthur Balfour and Reginald McKenna [First Lord of the Admiralty]; objections from Irish MPs to the Government of Ireland Bill and the establishment of an Irish Parliament; financial clauses of the bill and an Irish exchequer; a copy of the Government of Ireland bill; a pamphlet of speeches delivered in honour of John Redmond; 3 official reports of parliamentary debates in the House of Commons [Hansard] on readings of the Government of Ireland Bill and the sinking of the Titanic.

Also includes a letter from John Henderson on elections in Ireland.




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Physical: 2 bound files (26 pamphlets)
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