Official: Cabinet: printed papers.

Reference code: CHAR 21/36

Part of: CHAR 21
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Date: Mar 1914 - Aug 1914


Includes Cabinet papers on various subjects including: a proposed aircraft expedition to Somaliland [later Somalia]; the national insurance bill including measures to alleviate the problems of unemployment; the foreign enlistment bill; notes on the composition of British Expeditionary Force; correspondence between the Foreign Secretary [Sir Edward Grey] and various ambassadors regarding the European crisis and events leading up to the outbreak of World War I including the declaration of war between Austria and Servia [Serbia], Germany's violation of Belgian neutrality and Britain's entry into the war; a summary of events in Western Europe on 7 August 1914 and the declaration of war between Austria and Russia; movement of troops in Western Europe and a despatch on the breakdown of relations between Great Britain and Turkey.

Also includes manuscript notes between WSC and [Lord Morley].




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