Official: Cabinet: printed papers on World War I.

Reference code: CHAR 21/42

Part of: CHAR 21
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Date: Oct 1915 - Nov 1915


Printed papers by various individuals on various subjects including: the national register; [Lord] Kitchener [Secretary of State for War], [Lord] Curzon of Kedleston [Lord Privy Seal] and Lord Crewe [earlier Lord Houghton and Robert Milnes] Secretary of State for India] on recruitment to the army; WSC on Gallipoli and the Dardanelles; a neutral press committee; WSC on trench mortar guns; Sir William Max-Muller on the economic situation of Germany and Austria-Hungary; the Dardanelles committee; David Lloyd George [Minister of Munitions] and [Lord] Kitchener on the administration of the army and operations in the Balkans; military censorship; Arthur Balfour [First Lord of the Admiralty] on finance for the war; the recruitment of troops from the dominions and colonies; war trade and German exports; the elections and registration act; dealings with the French over Serbia; Andrew Bonar Law [Secretary of State for the Colonies] and Arthur Balfour on the financial position of the United Kingdom; censorship of the press; paraphrased telegrams about the Dardanelles; a report from the committee on production on wages in various industries; and a report on the contents of the German press.





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