Official: Cabinet: Dardanelles Committee: miscellaneous papers.

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Date: May 1915 - Sep 1915


Includes: notes on the formation of the air department; manuscript statements by WSC on the situation in the Dardanelles and at Gallipoli and on the options of the British government; notes by WSC on the positions occupied by the British fleet and the possibility of the United States joining the war; notes on a discussion between General Sir Ian Hamilton [Commander of Mediterranean Expeditionary Force] and Admiral [John] de Robeck [Commander of naval forces] on the disembarkation of troops; 6 transcribed telegrams from de Robeck to Arthur Balfour [First Lord of the Admiralty] on events at the Dardanelles and notes by Balfour on communications from de Robeck; reports of engagements; tables of British losses, the timing of night operations, ship construction, Turkish troop movements, forces in Egypt and the supply of submarines; and notes on the possibility of the Germans assisting the Turks.




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