Official: Cabinet: Dardanelles Committee: miscellaneous papers.

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Date: Sep 1915 - Nov 1915


Includes: notes by WSC on economic problems created by the war and the danger of bankruptcy, on recovering the initiative in the Eastern theatre, the possibility of the Germans using gas, on the options open to the British government for the Dardanelles expedition and on the reasons behind the expedition; notes on the Baghdad [Iraq] railway and its strategic importance; a letter from Arthur Balfour [First Lord of the Admiralty] on the situation in the East; David Lloyd George [Minister of Munitions] on the Dardanelles; tables showing British casualties in France and the Mediterranean; a detailed report by [Marshal Henri] Petain on operations in Champagne [France] and the construction of trenches; copy letter from [Lord] Kitchener [Secretary of State for War] to the Prime Minister [Herbert Asquith, later Lord Oxford and Asquith]; WSC's suggested defence of his actions at Antwerp [Belgium]; a note from [Sir] Edward Grey [Foreign Secretary] on the Dardanelles Committee; notes on the transport of troops to the Mediterranean; and Admiral Sir Henry Jackson on the scheme to force the Dardanelles.




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