Official: Cabinet: War Policy Committee: printed reports on World War I.

Reference code: CHAR 21/60

Part of: CHAR 21
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Date: Sep 1915


Includes: the main report of the War Policy Committee covering recruitment to the army, munitions, the air service and the navy; a note on the War Policy Cabinet Committee by Lord Kitchener [Secretary of State for War]; a supplementary report by some members of the War Policy Committee (including WSC) which includes additional sections on the hostile and allied armies, the supply of labour and notes on statements by the President of the Board of Trade [Walter Runciman], the Chancellor of the Exchequer [Reginald McKenna] and Lord Kitchener. There are several draft versions of the supplementary report which include annotations by WSC and Major General Charles Callwell [Director of Military Operations at the War Office].




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Physical: 1 bound file (37 folios including pamphlets)
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