Official: Cabinet: correspondence and papers.

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Date: 13 Jan 1922 - 04 Aug 1922


Correspondents include: "Freddie" [Frederick Guest, Secretary of State for Air] on the transfer of control in Iraq from the War Office to the Air Ministry, and on the risk of having the Air Force broken up (5); Sir Maurice Hankey [Secretary to the Cabinet] on subjects including WSC's views on the cancellation of naval contracts (6); James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer]; Sir Robert Horne [Chancellor of the Exchequer] on a memorandum by WSC on taxation, Sir Robert Peel's taxation policy in the 1840's, and the payment of the war debt to the United States (2); 1st Lord Curzon of Kedleston [Foreign Secretary] on his concerns over the Genoa [Italy] Conference about Germany and Russia; Pembroke Wicks, Secretary to the Committee of Home Affairs; 27th Lord Crawford (10th Lord Balcarres) [First Commissioner of Works] on reform of the House of Lords; and Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso, Private Secretary to WSC] on British passports being forged by the Russian government.

Other subjects include: Sir Eric Geddes's report on National Expenditure as applied to the Army and Navy; WSC's views on the breaking up of the Air Force; WSC's misgivings about the Genoa Conference; Ireland; the creation of an Indian Territorial Force; estimates of the strength of the Russian army; the Safeguarding of Industries act; Russian attacks on the Orthodox Church; the large number of bills put forward by the Home Affairs Committee; WSC's intention to resign over the recognition of the Bolsheviks; the Washington [United States] Conference on the limitation of armaments.

Also includes: memoranda by Sir Basil Blackett, Controller of Finance [Treasury] on budgeting for a deficit and on the liquidation of post-war liabilities; a memorandum by WSC on the recognition of the Russian Soviet Government; a memorandum on the reduction of taxation by Sir Alfred Mond [later 1st Lord Melchett], Minister of Health; a memorandum by WSC on the reduction of taxation; a Foreign Office memorandum on the recognition of the Russian Soviet Government; a memorandum on the Burney Airship Scheme; a memorandum by WSC on the reform of the House of Lords; the sequence of events from December 1921 to March 1922 on the economic reconstruction of Russia; a draft bill to amend laws needing the consent of the Railway and Canal Commissions; a memorandum by WSC on inter-allied war debts; a memorandum by WSC on the de jure recognition of the Russian Soviet Government.





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