Official: Cabinet: Irish Committee.

Reference code: CHAR 22/11

Part of: CHAR 22
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Date: 02 Jan 1922 - 27 Feb 1922


Correspondents include: Shane Leslie on Irish fears of war if the treaty with Britain is rejected; 1st Lord Midleton [earlier St John Brodrick]; Clive Wigram [Assistant Private Secretary and Equerry to King George V] (3); Sir James Craig [Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, later 1st Lord Craigavon] on subjects including Northern Ireland's part in the negotiations, Catholic shipyard workers, and the IRA killing of Special Constabulary officers at Clones [County Monaghan, Northern Ireland] (5); 1st Lord Stamfordham [Private Secretary to the King, earlier Sir Arthur Bigge] on changing the title of Viceroy of Ireland to Governor General, and on South Irish regiments (3); Herbert Fisher [President of the Board of Education] on funding for Irish universities; 1st Lord Fitz Alan of Derwent [Viceroy of Ireland, earlier Lord Edmund Fitzalan-Howard] on subjects including Irish plans to reduce the position of the King's representative in Ireland, the standing of Eamon De Valera [President of the Irish Republic], attending a mass for the Pope, the kidnap of the "Monaghan football players" and the apathy of the Provisional Government about IRA murders (4); "F" [? 1st Lord Birkenhead, earlier F E Smith, Lord Chancellor]; Sir John Anderson [Joint Under-Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, later 1st Lord Waverley] on methods of dealing with breaches in the truce by the IRA; Edward Byrne, Archbishop of Dublin [Ireland] on the risks from FitzAlan attending the requiem mass for the Pope; Timothy Healy on conditions for Irish police under the Provisional Government; Leo Amery on Sinn Feiners working in shipyards; Sir Laming Worthington-Evans [Secretary of State for War] (2); 1st Lord Curzon of Kedleston [Foreign Secretary]; Gordon Hewart [signatory of the Irish Peace Treaty] on the Boundary Commission; Austen Chamberlain [Lord Privy Seal]; General Sir Cecil Macready [General Officer Commanding in Chief of the Forces in Ireland] on subjects including action to be taken if De Valera should start a coup d'etat, the murder of Lieutenant Genochio, and evacuation of the forces in Ireland (3); 5th Lord Clancarty [earlier Lord Kilconnel]; Charles Scott [editor of the Manchester Guardian]; 7th Lord Londonderry [Minister of Education and Leader of the Senate, Government of Northern Ireland, earlier Lord Castlereagh] on his concerns over the treaty (2).

Other subjects include: the amnesty for Irish political prisoners; disagreements between Sir James Craig and Michael Collins over the boundary between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Also includes: WSC's letter to King George V on final plans for the Provisional Government; a draft of the declaration by the Dail and the Provisional Government; notes on the Civil Service Committee, Joint Committee Board, Local Government and Post Office in Ireland; press cuttings; notes on the agreement with the Provisional Government on compensation for malicious injuries; notes on the state of social life in Ireland.



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