Official: Cabinet: Committee on the Report of the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry: related Cabinet papers.

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Date: 27 Nov 1925 - 21 Jan 1927


Includes papers by various individuals on the coal dispute, including: George Lane-Fox, [later 1st Lord Bingley] Secretary for Mines, on subjects including co-operative selling, the Commission's recommendations, ending the coal subsidy and the Industrial Court Bill; Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister [earlier Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, later 1st Lord Swinton], President of the Board of Trade, on co-operative selling; WSC; a Treasury memorandum on the nationalization of mining royalties; 4th Lord Salisbury [earlier Lord Cranborne], the Lord Privy Seal, on royalties; a Mining Association memorandum on their position; notes of correspondence between Sir Ernest Gowers, Permanent Under-Secretary of the Mines Department, William Lee, Secretary of the Mining Association, and Arthur Cook, Secretary of the Miners' Federation; Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister, on Government proposals to the Miners' Federation; a draft of the Industrial Courts (Temporary Powers) Bill; notes on proposals for a settlement; Sir Maurice Hankey, Secretary to the Cabinet.

Also includes: reports of the departmental committee on co-operative selling; notes of a meeting between ministers and the Mining Association.



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CHAR 22/115/91-92 Typescript copy of correspondence between the Mines Department and the Mining Association on the coal dispute (3-4 September), including: letter from Sir Ernest Gowers, Permanent Under-Secretary of the Mines Department, to William Lee, Secretary of the Mining Association, forwarding a letter from Arthur Cook, Secretary of the Miners' Federation, to the Chancellor of the Exchequer [Winston Churchill], and stating that Cook's letter was a basis for restarting negotiations; Cook's letter to Churchill, asking him to convene a meeting between the Mining Association and Miners' Federation to discuss a new national agreement with a view to reducing labour costs; letter from Lee to Gowers explaining that the Association had no authority to negotiate on behalf of the district mine owners; letter from Gowers to Lee asking representatives of the Association to meet the Cabinet Coal Committee to discuss their position; letter from Lee to Gowers agreeing to meet the Committee. 06 Sep 1926