Official: Cabinet: Committee on the Report of the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry: papers 41 - 50.

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Date: 17 May 1926 - 17 Jun 1926


Includes papers by various individuals on the coal dispute, including: the Ministry of Labour reply to Arthur Cook [Secretary, Miners' Federation]'s query on assistance to displaced miners; notes of a meeting between the Coal Committee and representatives of the Miners' Federation; Arthur Cook on the Federation's reply to Government proposals; the report of Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland, Minister of Labour's sub-committee on the coal dispute; notes of a meeting between ministers and representatives of the Mining Association; George Lane-Fox, [later 1st Lord Bingley] Secretary for Mines, on the wages capacity of the mining industry; notes of a meeting between Frank Hodges [Secretary, International Miners' Federation] and Sir Ernest Gowers [Permanent Under-Secretary for Mines] on longer working hours underground; a summary and draft of the Mining Industry Bill.



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CHAR 22/123/3-52 Minutes of a meeting between the Cabinet Coal Committee (including Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister, 1st Lord Birkenhead [earlier F E Smith], [Arthur] Neville Chamberlain, Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland [Minister of Labour], George Lane-Fox, Secretary for Mines [later 1st Lord Bingley] and Ernest Gowers, Permanent Under-Secretary, Mines Department) and the Executive Committee of the Miners' Federation, on the settlement of the coal dispute. Subjects discussed include: reduction in wages; the ending of the subsidy to the industry; arbitration of pay awards; coal royalties; a minimum wage; pit closures and unemployment benefits for miners; coal prices. 18 May 1926
CHAR 22/123/53-54 Copy of a letter from Arthur Cook, General Secretary of the Miners' Federation, to the Prime Minister [Stanley Baldwin], informing him that the Federation had considered the Government's latest proposals for ending the coal dispute and were ready to meet him at any time. Cook also encloses a resolution passed by the Federation, stating that though they were largely in agreement with the Government's proposals, they could not recommend agreement to reduction in miners' wages and objected to the proposed board for enforcing local minimum wage settlements. 20 May 1926