Official: Cabinet: Committee on the Report of the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry: papers 51 - 80.

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Date: 18 Jun 1926 - 26 Oct 1926


Includes papers by various individuals on the coal dispute, including: corrections to the draft Mining Industry Bill; Neville Chamberlain, Minister of Health, on municipal trading in coal; George Lane-Fox, [later 1st Lord Bingley] Secretary for Mines, on the qualifications of mine managers, and the Fuel and Power Council; Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland, Minister of Labour, on negotiations with Arthur Cook [Secretary, Miners' Federation] and the Federation; Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister [earlier Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, later 1st Lord Swinton], President of the Board of Trade, on the proposed National Fuel and Power Committee, the impossible attitude of the Mining Association, the progress of negotiations, coal supplies and supplies for railway companies; the Secretary to the Food Council on municipal trading in coal; Wilfrid Ashley, Minister of Transport, on the transport of coal by rail; new draft clauses in the Mining Industry Bill; Sir William Joynson-Hicks [later 1st Lord Brentford], Home Secretary, on intimidation of working miners; Mines Department memoranda on legislation to coerce mine owners and conference procedure; notes of correspondence between Sir Ernest Gowers, Permanent Under-Secretary, Mines Department, Arthur Cook, Secretary, Miners' Federation, and William Lee, Secretary, Mining Association; WSC, Chancellor of the Exchequer, on the Mining Association resuming negotiations; Sir Horace Wilson [Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour]; Douglas Hogg [later 1st Lord Hailsham, Attorney-General] and Thomas Inskip [later 1st Lord Caldecote, Solicitor-General] on the continuance of Emergency Regulations under the Emergency Powers Act; a Board of Trade report on the output and employment of mines (October 1926).

Papers 52, 57, 60, 73 and 74 not present.



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CHAR 22/124/48 Typescript copy of 2 letters between the Mines Department and the Miners' Federation on the coal dispute (3-4 September), consisting of: letter from Sir Ernest Gowers, Permanent Under-Secretary of the Mines Department, to William Lee, Secretary of the Mining Association, forwarding a letter from Arthur Cook, Secretary of the Miners' Federation, to the Chancellor of the Exchequer [Winston Churchill], and stating that Cook's letter was a basis for restarting negotiations; Cook's letter to Churchill, asking him to convene a meeting between the Mining Association and Miners' Federation to discuss a new national agreement with a view to reducing labour costs. 06 Sep 1926