Official: Cabinet: Committee on the Geddes Report on Fighting Services.

Reference code: CHAR 22/16

Part of: CHAR 22
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Date: 12 Jan 1922 - 21 Feb 1922


Correspondents include: 10th Lord Scarbrough [former Director-General Territorial and Volunteer Forces] on rumours of cuts in the Territorial Army; Sir Roger Keyes [Deputy Chief of Naval Staff and a Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty]; 1st Lord Beatty; Sir Eric Geddes [Chairman of the Committee on National Expenditure] denying that leaks to the press had come from him and criticizing WSC's attitude to his report (2); Sir Evan Jones [Coalition MP for Pembrokeshire, Wales] on the results of the closure of Pembroke Dockyard.

Other subjects include: the mobilization of the Royal Fleet Reserve.

Also includes: a letter from WSC to Sir Eric Geddes on the press campaign and leaks to the press in favour of Geddes's report on National Expenditure; extracts from a statement by Sir Evan Jones to 1st Lord Lee of Fareham, First Lord of the Admiralty, on Pembroke Dockyard; notes [? from the Cabinet Committee on Defence Estimates] on the section of the Geddes Report concerning the Army, including comparisons of estimates, the needs of the Empire, Britain and Ireland, and possible reductions in the Army, especially the Quartermaster-General's department.



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