Official: Cabinet: Irish Claims Committee.

Reference code: CHAR 22/170

Part of: CHAR 22
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Previous record: CHAR 22/169

Date: 09 Dec 1927 - 21 Dec 1927


Includes minutes of statements made by WSC, Chancellor of the Exchequer, [4th] Lord Salisbury [earlier Lord Cranborne] Lord Privy Seal, Lord Eustace Percy, President of the Board of Education and Sir Douglas Hogg [later 1st Lord Hailsham] on compensation claims by Irish loyalists who had suffered through their loyalty to their British Government and the recommendations of the Dunedin Committee and the Wood-Renton Committee.

Also includes: a statement by the Dominions Office; notes by [14th] Lord Lovat [earlier Simon Fraser] and WSC; a report by the Committee chaired by [1st] Lord Dunedin [earlier Andrew Murray]; recommendations and a draft report of the Committee and a newspaper extract of a statement made by Lord Salisbury.



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