Official: Cabinet: National Expenditure; Fighting Services Committee: Sketch Navy Estimates 1923 - 1924.

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Date: 03 Feb 1922 - 19 Oct 1922


Includes: Admiralty statements and notes on the following subjects: Navy Estimates, 1923-1924; Metropolitan Police in naval establishments; oil and stores; yard machinery; the hydrographic department; authorised peace complements of seagoing depot ships and tenders; stores, repairs, contract work and gun mounting; Board of Admiralty and the Secretary's Department; numbers and costs of parent ships, harbour ships and hulks; victualling; numbers of civilians employed; medical establishments; educational services; Royal Navy Reserves; works and buildings; land and sea conveyance; naval establishments; Admiralty staff; naval schools; postponement of the building of a new battleship; harbour shore establishments and coast guards.



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