Official: Cabinet: papers and correspondence.

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Date: 28 Jan 1920 - 24 Mar 1920


Correspondents include: Edwin Montagu [Secretary of State for India] on subjects including Constantinople [Istanbul, Turkey] (3); Sir Maurice Hankey [Secretary to the Cabinet] on why WSC was not kept fully informed about the San Remo [Italy] Conference.

Also includes: the text of the "National Pact" as printed in the Proceedings of the Turkish Chamber of Deputies; a memorandum on the present causes of high prices by Charles McCurdy [Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Food]; notes on foreign exchanges and high prices by [Auckland Geddes], President of the Board of Trade; a note on high prices by the French delegation [to the Supreme Council on the Economic Conditions of the World]; a note on industrial businesses and capital, especially in cotton mills, by Geddes; a memorandum on the Turkish situation and the United States, by 1st Lord Curzon of Kedleston [Foreign Secretary]; the declaration by the Supreme Council on the Economic Conditions of the World; the report on the Government of Ireland Bill, on the differences between the Bill and the Act of 1914; a memorandum by the Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office on recent tendencies in Russia; a letter from WSC to the Prime Minister [David Lloyd George] on the need to ally with France and Germany to rescue Germany from Bolshevism and rebuild Europe, on the inevitability of peace with Russia, and on his anxiety over the policy towards Turkey.




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