Official: Cabinet: papers, correspondence and notes.

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Date: 08 Jun 1920 - 07 Dec 1920


Correspondents include: Sir Maurice Hankey [Secretary to the Cabinet] (6); 7th Lord Londonderry [earlier Lord Castlereagh] on the need for special constables in Northern Ireland; 1st Lord Curzon of Kedleston [Foreign Secretary] on Egypt; Arthur Balfour [Lord President of the Council] on reacting to Bolshevik attacks against Poland by stopping the visas of Russian Trade Unionists; "F E", (the Lord Chancellor) [1st Lord Birkenhead, earlier F E Smith] urging WSC not to resign over the resumption of trade with Russia; Chaim Weizmann, of the World Zionist Organisation, on the weakening of the Palestine Mandate from the Jewish point of view.

Other subjects include: WSC painting at Mimizan [France]; cutting the hours of workers at the Woolwich Arsenal [London] and Enfield [Middlesex].

Also includes: the draft conclusions of a Cabinet meeting on the resignation of Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer, [over the Amritsar Massacre, India] and on mining at Nauru Island [Pacific Ocean]; a memorandum by Austen Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Exchequer, on present conditions in finance and industry; a note by WSC on the danger to France from a Bolshevik-German alliance against Poland and Eastern Europe; an alternative draft to a section of the Russian Trade Agreement by Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith [member of the Economic Committee of the League of Nations]; a draft trade agreement between Britain and Russia; a note by WSC on the authorisation of limited reprisals in Ireland, and identity cards for all Irish men; a memorandum by Walter Long, First Lord of the Admiralty, on the publication of documents about the battle of Jutland; rough notes by members of the Cabinet including WSC on Russia, Turkey and Persia [later Iran]; extracts from drafts of the Palestine Mandate; a memorandum by Francis Lindley [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Austria] on the impressions of an ex-prisoner of war, of Russia.





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