Official: Cabinet: papers 201 - 209.

Reference code: CHAR 22/34

Part of: CHAR 22
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Date: 28 Jan 1925 - 01 May 1925


Includes papers by various individuals on various subjects, including: 1st Lord Peel, 1st Commissioner of Works, on the demolition of Waterloo Bridge [London]; Sir William Joynson-Hicks [later 1st Lord Brentford], Home Secretary, on the Lead Paint (Protection Against Poisoning) Bill; a draft of the Lead Paint Bill; William Ormsby-Gore [later 4th Lord Harlech], Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, on the bequest by Sir Hugh Lane [late Director of the National Gallery, Ireland] of his pictures to the National Gallery [London]; Leo Amery, Secretary of State for the Colonies, on the Lane bequest; Sir Hugh Lane; Neville Chamberlain, Minister of Health, on improved old age pensions and pensions for widowed mothers, and the Rating and Valuation Bill; Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister, [earlier Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, later 1st Lord Swinton] President of the Board of Trade, on the Coastguard Bill; Sidney Webb, [later 1st Lord Passfield] [former] President of the Board of Trade, on the Coastguard Bill; a draft of the Coastguard Bill; a Ministry of Labour special report on unemployment; Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland, Minister of Labour; a revised draft of the Factories Bill, on subjects including health, safety and the employment of women and children; Sir Maurice Hankey [Secretary to the Cabinet]; drafts of the Rating and Valuation Bill, on subjects including the rating and valuation of property, railways and the bill's application to London.

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