Official: Cabinet: papers 520 - 539.

Reference code: CHAR 22/47

Part of: CHAR 22
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Date: 18 Nov 1925 - 24 Dec 1925


Includes papers from various individuals on various subjects, including: Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister [earlier Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, later 1st Lord Swinton], President of the Board of Trade, on Empire foodstuffs to be considered by the Imperial Economic Committee; Walter Guinness [later 1st Lord Moyne], Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, on the Tithe Bill; Sir John Gilmour, Secretary for Scotland, on the Rating (Scotland) Bill; a draft of the Rating Bill; [Sir Francis Humphrys], British Minister at Kabul [Afghanistan] on the Soviet presence in Afghanistan; a copy of King George V's speech on the prorogation of Parliament; 1st Lord Cave, Lord Chancellor; a summary of the conferences between 1st Lord Birkenhead [earlier F E Smith], Secretary of State for India, and 1st Lord Reading [earlier Rufus Isaacs], Governor-General of India, on the Privy Council's Judicial Committee on Indian Appeals; the Board of Trade's monthly review of the trade outlook; a Dominions Office memorandum on the military situation in Iraq; the draft conclusions of the Trade Boards Committee; a League of Nations memorandum on the deportation of Christians from Turkey to Iraq; Leo Amery, Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, on the next meeting of the Imperial Conference, and, as Secretary of State for the Colonies, on the Mosul [Iraq] question discussed at the League of Nations; a Ministry of Labour special report on unemployment; Sir Douglas Hogg, [later 1st Lord Hailsham], Attorney General, on the Electrical Development Committee; a draft of the Electricity Amendment Bill; Neville Chamberlain, Minister of Health, on his provisional programme of legislation; Sir Samuel Hoare [later 1st Lord Templewood] Secretary of State for Air, on the future of German airships, including the airship sheds at Friederichshafen [Germany]; 4th Lord Salisbury, earlier Lord Cranborne] the Lord Privy Seal, on proceedings in the House of Lords at the end of sessions.

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