Official: Cabinet: Naval Programme Committee: Papers 1 - 7.

Reference code: CHAR 22/66

Part of: CHAR 22
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Date: 30 Sep 1924 - 20 Mar 1925


Includes papers from various individuals on the naval committee, including: notes from a meeting of the Committee of Imperial Defence on the political outlook in the Far East; a Treasury memorandum on the economic power of Japan; William Bridgeman, First Lord of the Admiralty, on the political outlook in the Far East, and the floating dock at Singapore; notes on cruisers, destroyers, submarines, mine layers, aircraft carriers, depot ships, mine sweepers, gunboats and anti-submarine vessels; Sir Ronald Macleay [British Minister to China] on gunboats for the Yangtse River; Admiral Sir Arthur Leveson, [Commander-in-Chief, China Station], on British naval protection in China.

Also includes: a Command Paper on Fleets (The British Empire and Foreign Countries).



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Physical: 1 bound file (98 folios, including pamphlets)
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