Official: Cabinet: Scotland Yard reports on the Communist Party.

Reference code: CHAR 22/78

Part of: CHAR 22
Next record: CHAR 22/79
Previous record: CHAR 22/77

Date: 20 Feb 1925 - 21 Dec 1925


Includes: the report on the Communist Movement in Britain, June 1924 - February 1925, on subjects including: the industrial activities of the Communist Party in Britain; the National Minority Movement; the campaign for a united Trade Union International; the Communists' attitude to the Labour Government and Labour Party; anti-militarist propaganda; contact with communists abroad; changes in party procedure; party membership, finance and press; propaganda in the Co-operative societies; anti-Fascism in the Communist Party; the unemployed and the Communist Party; the Young Communist League; other extremist organisations.

Also includes: the special report on the financial subsidy made to the British Communist Party by the Communist International, 1925; a review of the Communist Movement, June 1924 - January 1925, on subjects including: the policy of Moscow [Soviet Union]; application and progress in the British Empire; application and progress in other countries.




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