Official: Cabinet: Scotland Yard reports on revolutionary organisations in the United Kingdom: 315 - 321.

Reference code: CHAR 22/82

Part of: CHAR 22
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Previous record: CHAR 22/81

Date: 20 Jul 1925 - 10 Sep 1925


Typescript reports on Communist organisations including industrial crisis; the industrial alliance between unions; the Communist Party in Britain; the National Minority Movement; the Young Communist League; Irish Revolutionary activities in Britain; National Fascisti; propaganda among the Armed Forces; International Class War Prisoners' Aid; Workers' International Relief; International Red Aid; the British delegation of Labour MPs to the Soviet Union; the unofficial seamen's strike; the Labour Research Department; the enlarged executive of the Communist International.





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Open with the exception of folio 52 (3 pages) which has been closed on Cabinet Office instructions under S23 of the Freedom of Information Act. Review 2021.

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