Official: Cabinet: correspondence and notes.

Reference code: CHAR 22/84

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Date: 18 Mar 1925 - [17] [Nov] 1925


Includes: Sir [William] Graham Greene [Vice-Chairman of the Man Power Committee] on the committee's report; Sir Austen Chamberlain [Foreign Secretary] on consultation over the problem of Saad Zaghlul [President of the Chamber of Deputies, Egypt] and whether Zaghlul should be allowed to return to power (3); WSC on Chamberlain not submitting his decision on Zaghlul to Cabinet discussion, and the crisis that this might cause in Egypt; notes by various ministers in Cabinet, including William Bridgeman [First Lord of the Admiralty] and 1st Lord Birkenhead [earlier F E Smith] on subjects including ways of dealing with Bolshevik activity in Britain and the Navy Estimates.




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