Official: Cabinet: Irish Committee: report on Irish Intelligence.

Reference code: CHAR 22/9

Part of: CHAR 22
Next record: CHAR 22/10A-B
Previous record: CHAR 22/8

Date: May 1920-Jul 1921


"A report on the Intelligence Branch of the Chief of Police from May 1920 to July 1921". Includes observations about: the difficulties of obtaining and disseminating information about underground organisations in Ireland including the IRA, Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Brotherhood; the differences between counter-espionage activities during wartime and the circumstances in Ireland; and difficulties for the police. Includes instances of the successful use of intelligence information in raids and arrests and details about the organisation and activities of the IRA and Michael Collins. Appendices include facsimile examples of captured documents.




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Two pages within this report (folios 42 and 43) are closed on Cabinet Office recommendations under section 23 of the Freedom of Information Act. 'Sanitised' versions of these folios plus a surrogate copy of the rest of the report are open for consultation.

Physical: 1 bound file
Publication: Alternative format: Surrogate print from microfilm available (because original is closed).
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