Official: Cabinet: papers 120 - 139.

Reference code: CHAR 22/91

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Date: 05 Mar 1926 - 29 Mar 1926


Includes papers by various individuals on various subjects, including: the 2nd report of the Iraq Policy Committee; the report of the Imperial Conference (Agenda) Committee; a Ministry of Labour special report on unemployment; Sir Maurice Hankey, Secretary to the Cabinet; Sir Gregory Foster, Provost, University College, London, on the retention of the university's Bloomsbury site; a Treasury memorandum on the Irish Free State Agreement; WSC, Chancellor of the Exchequer; a draft of the Financial Settlement between Britain and the Irish Free State; a revised statement by the Prime Minister [Stanley Baldwin] on coal policy; Leo Amery, Secretary of State for the Colonies, on the East African and Palestine Loans, and, as Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, on the Imperial War Graves Endowment Fund Bill; a Treasury memorandum on the East African and Palestine Loans; notes of the Mining Association and Miners' Federation deputation to the Prime Minister; Lord Eustace Percy, President of the Board of Education, on the University of London, and education grants; Sir Laming Worthington- Evans, Secretary of State for War; a draft of the Army and Air Force (Annual) Bill; the report of the Public Order Committee, on the law concerning strikes; a draft of the Preservation of Public Order Bill; Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland, Minister of Labour, on the international regulation of working hours; Sir John Shuckburgh [Assistant Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office] on the East African and Palestine Loans; Douglas Hogg [later 1st Lord Hailsham, Attorney- General] and Thomas Inskip [later 1st Lord Caldecote, Solicitor-General] on the East African and Palestine Loans; a despatch from the Foreign and Political Department of the Government of India on the use of aircraft on the frontier. Cabinet papers 121-123 not present.

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CHAR 22/91/26-53 Notes of a conference between the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, and representatives of the Mining Association and Miners' Federation on the report of the Royal Commission on the coal industry, on subjects including: recruitment and labour, and ending subsidies for the industry; requests by the Association and Federation for clarification on the report, particularly on whether the industry was to be reorganised; recommendations of the report. 25 Mar 1926