Official: Cabinet: papers 235 - 259.

Reference code: CHAR 22/96

Part of: CHAR 22
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Date: 13 Jul 1924 - 07 Jul 1926


Includes papers by various individuals on various subjects, including: Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland, Minister of Labour, on an enquiry into industrial relations in the United States; Sir William Joynson-Hicks [later 1st Lord Brentford], Home Secretary, on the influx of Soviet money and State companies into London; the report of the Legislation Committee on laws concerning trade unions, and trade unionism in the Civil Service; Sir Warren Fisher, Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, on trade unionism in the Civil Service; Neville Chamberlain, Minister of Health, on trade unionism in local authorities; a draft of the Trade Union Bill; a draft statement by the Prime Minister [Stanley Baldwin] on the coal dispute; Leo Amery, Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, on the Lane Bequest [of the pictures of Sir Hugh Lane, late director of the National Gallery, Ireland, to the National Gallery, London]; William Cosgrave, President of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State on the Lane Bequest; Walter Citrine, Secretary of the Trades Union Congress General Council, on their refusal of money from the Soviet Union; Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister [earlier Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, later 1st Lord Swinton], President of the Board of Trade, on the trade outlook; the Board of Trade Advisory Council's monthly report on the trade outlook; the report of the Leasehold Enfranchisement Committee; 1st Lord Birkenhead, [earlier F E Smith] Secretary of State for India, on the dispute between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union over the island [of Urta Tagai] in the River Oxus, and on the Indian view of compulsory arbitration in international disputes; a draft of the Coal Mines Bill and Mining Industry Bill; a Ministry of Labour special report on unemployment; a Foreign Office memorandum on Anglo-Soviet relations; George Lane Fox, [later 1st Lord Bingley] Secretary for Mines, on the report of the Coal Commission; a Foreign Office guide to the Soviet Government; 4th Lord Salisbury [earlier Lord Cranborne], the Lord Privy Seal; 1st Lord Chelmsford, Chairman of the Irish Land Purchase Committee; Sir John Gilmour, Secretary for Scotland; 1st Lord Balfour, Lord President of the Council, on the actions of Walthamstow [London] during the General Strike; Sir James Hawkey, Chairman of the Volunteer Service Committee, Leyton [London] on Walthamstow; William Cope, Civil Commissioner for London and the Home Counties in the General Strike, on Walthamstow; Sir Austen Chamberlain, Foreign Secretary, on compulsory arbitration in international disputes; 1st Lord Haldane, former Lord Chancellor, on compulsory arbitration; Sir Eyre Crowe, former Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, on compulsory arbitration; Sir Maurice Hankey, Secretary to the Cabinet; the conclusions of the committee on the report of the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry; the report by the Finance sub-committee of the Supply and Transport Committee, on the purchase of coal.

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CHAR 22/96/4-15 "Russian Money" 11 Jun 1926
CHAR 22/96/53-54 "The Coal Dispute" 15 Jun 1926
CHAR 22/96/117-122 "Report of the Coal Commission" 22 Jun 1926