Official: War Cabinet: "Quadrant" - record of meetings and proceedings.

Reference code: CHAR 23/12

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Date: 14 Aug 1943 - 11 Sep 1943


Minutes and memoranda of the plenary meetings and proceedings of the Combined Chiefs of Staff at Quebec [Canada] and Washington [United States] on subjects including: Atlantic convoys; operations in the Pacific and Far East; defeat of the Axis powers in Europe; the South East Asia command; "Pointblank" [codename for the Allied bombing offensive]; negotiations with Italy; the defeat of Japan; landing craft for "Overlord" [codename for the Allied invasion of France]; "Habbakuk" [self propelled floating airfield made of ice and wood pulp] carriers; equipping the Allies, liberated forces and friendly neutrals; post-"Husky" [codename for the Allied invasion of Sicily] operations; operation "Rankin" [codename for Allied contingency plans in the case of the weakening or surrender of Germany]; the air plan for the defeat of Japan; the rehabilitation of liberated territories; the future conduct of the war, 1943-1944.




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