Official: War Cabinet: Prime Minister's Directives.

Reference code: CHAR 23/14

Part of: CHAR 23
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Date: 29 Dec 1944 - 17 Jul 1945


Printed directives by the Prime Minister, WSC, on subjects including: correspondence between WSC and President Franklin Roosevelt on American voting powers in the United Nations; post-war demand for airfields, including a report by the Chiefs of Staff; records of speeches and a conversation between WSC and Stalin at the Yalta Conference [Soviet Union]; the allocation of man-power, including the release of women from the Forces; telegrams between WSC and [Mackenzie King] Prime Minister of Canada, on Canadian commercial policy and Mutual Aid between Canada and Britain; correspondence between WSC and Roosevelt on the Lend-Lease Agreement; telegrams between WSC and Roosevelt on the United States's Aviation Agreement with Ireland; food supplies from the United States; telegrams between WSC and Roosevelt on the Soviet attitude to Poland; food production; the review of Cabinet standing ministerial committees; a record of a conversation between WSC and Stalin at the Potsdam Conference [Berlin, Germany].

Also includes: King Peter II of Yugoslavia on the future government of his country; Marshal Tito, President of the National Committee of Liberation of Yugoslavia, and Ivan Subasic, Prime Minister of the Royal Yugoslav Government; Henry Willink, Minister of Health, Thomas Johnston, Secretary of State for Scotland, Hugh Dalton, President of the Board of Trade, [Brendan Bracken] Minister of Information, and Oliver Lyttelton [later 1st Lord Chandos] Minister of Production, on improving the morale of troops in the Far East, including providing housing for their families; Pieter Gerbrandy, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, on famine relief for the North West Netherlands; Sir Orme Sargent [Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs] on Britain's position between the United States and Soviet Union; Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart [Deputy Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office] on the Soviet Union's future policy.





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