Official: War Cabinet: "Argonaut" - record of proceedings.

Reference code: CHAR 23/15

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Date: 29 Jan 1945 - 12 Mar 1945


Chiefs of Staff Committee minutes and memoranda of the proceedings of the conferences at Malta and Yalta [Soviet Union] on subjects including: the U-boat threat during 1945; co-ordination of Anglo-American and Soviet air operations in Eastern Germany; Mediterranean strategy; the South East Asia Command; a review of merchant shipping; fuel supplies; zones of occupation in Germany; strategy in North West Europe; German bomb and rocket attacks; Pacific operations; prisoners of war; co-ordination of Soviet and Anglo-American offensives; operations in Burma and China; the report on the conference by WSC, President Franklin Roosevelt and Stalin.

Record of the political proceedings at the Malta and Yalta conferences, on subjects including: the occupation and dismemberment of Germany; Poland; reparations; the United Nations; Persia [later Iran]; Yugoslavia.

Also includes: WSC's statement to the War Cabinet on his return from Yalta.





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Original Reference: COS (45) 114 (O); WP (45) 157 Language: