Official: Committee of Imperial Defence.

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Date: Feb 1936 - Jun 1936


Air Defence Research Sub-Committee Papers A.D.R. 35-50 and other prints Note by the Air Staff on Progress of German Air Rearmament up to and including February 1936 Memorandum by John Hodsoll, Air Raid Precautions Department Home Office on the use of smoke screens in air raid precautions (A.D.R. 35) Note by Nelson Johnson, Chief Superintendent, Chemical Defence Research Department on A.D.R. 35 - the use of smoke screens in air raid precautions (A.D.R. 36) Note by the Air Staff on the wireless conrolled aircraft "Ram" (A.D.R. 37) Minute by the Joint Overseas and Home Defence Sub-Committee of the CID on the use of old ships as mobile anti-aircraft batteries (A.D.R. 38) Review of the work of the Committee as at 15 Feb 1936 (A.D.R. 39) Memorandum by Sir Frank Smith, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research on the use of Television Transmitters as an Aid to Defence (A.D.R. 40) Second interim report of the Committee on means to strengthen the present methods of defence against hostile aircraft (A.D.R. 41) Note on memorandum by the Air Staff on German Air Rearmament (A.D.R. 42) Conclusions of the Seventh meeting of the Committee Note by the 3rd Sea Lord, Rear Admiral Reginald Henderson on the mounting of anti-aircraft guns on trains (A.D.R. 43) Memorandum by John Hodsoll, Air Raid Precautions Department, Home Office, on passive defence measures (A.D.R. 44) Note by the Air Member for Research and Development (Air Vice Marshal Wilfrid Freeman) on the development of television for aircraft use (A.D.R. 45) Conclusions of the eighth meething of the Committee Progress report of Sub-Committee on methods of defence against incendiary bombs (A.D.R. 46) Air Staff note on mechanically controlled pilotless aircraft "The Larynx" (A.D.R. 47) Memorandum by WSC on aerial mines (A.D.R. 48) War Office progress report on experiments with rockets and searchlights (A.D.R. 49) Memorandum on German Air Strength prepared for a French Senatorial Commission (A.D.R. 50).

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