Official: War Cabinet: Restriction of Imports Committee: miscellaneous papers.

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Date: 1917


Includes papers by: Arthur Balfour, Foreign Secretary, on shipping and the transport of troops to France; William Elderton and Alfred Watson on shipping and imports in 1918; Lord Curzon of Kedleston [Lord President of the Council] on the restriction of imports and WSC, Minister of Munitions, on the munitions budget. Also includes Ministry of Shipping papers on the Allied food problem, the tonnage position, food requirement, munitions supply from the United States and a Board of Trade paper on imports in relation to shipping.

Also includes: tables of steamers' tonnage, minutes of the tonnage priority committee, letters or notes from Sidney Leake, Ministry of Munitions, Eric Eddison [Private Secretary to the President of the Board of Trade], Edward Marsh [Private Secretary to WSC] and Walter Layton.



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