Official: War Cabinet: Foreign Office cables.

Reference code: CHAR 27/25

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Date: 19 Sep 1917 - 28 Sep 1917


Includes copies of telegrams from Foreign Office representatives including: Ernest Rennie [British Minister to Peru]; Sir Walter Townley [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Queen of the Netherlands] on subjects including food supplies, the Hague agreement regarding prisoners of war, and the press (10); Sir Horace Rumbold [British Minister in Switzerland] on Swiss exports of munitions (3); Hugh Gurney; Sir George Barclay [British Minister in Romania] (3); Sir George Buchanan, [British Ambassador to Russia]; [1st] Lord Bertie [British Ambassador to France] (5); Sir Cecil Spring-Rice [British Ambassador to the United States] on subjects including trading with Germany (10); William Erskine [Counsellor of Embassy, Rome, Italy]; [Esme] Howard [British Minister in Sweden] (10); Beilby Alston [British Charge d'Affaires in Peking, later Beijing, China]; Dayrell Crackanthorpe on subjects including the evacuation of Epirus [Greece]; [Herbert] Cummins [British representative to Mexico]; Sir Reginald Tower [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Argentina]; Alfred Mitchell-Inness [British Minister to Uruguay]; Sir Arthur Hardinge [British Ambassador to Spain]; [Arthur] Peel [Minister Plenipotentiary in Brazil]; Sir Reginald Wingate [High Commissioner of Egypt]; Sir Mansfeldt Findlay [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary Norway] (4); and Charles Bayley [British Consul to the United States].

Also includes copies of Foreign Office telegrams to the individuals mentioned above and to Harold Lyle, Sir Rennell Rodd [later 1st Lord Rennell, British Ambassador to Italy] and Sir Lancelot Carnegie [British Minister in Portugal].



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