Official: War Cabinet: various papers.

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Date: 06 Nov 1917 - 28 Nov 1917


Includes papers on various subjects by various individuals including: WSC, Minister of Munitions, on duplication and waste of effort and military labour; Arthur Balfour [Foreign Secretary] on the war; Sir Edmund Wyldbore-Smith on foreign contracts and manpower; Sir Auckland Geddes, Minister of National Service, on the recruitment of women for occupations of national importance, foreign contracts and manpower and the maintenance of the armed forces; Sir Reginald Brade [Secretary, War Office] on the air force bill; Christopher Addison [Minister in Charge of Reconstruction] on the munitions of war acts; and [17th] Lord Derby [earlier Edward Stanley] Secretary of State for War, on recruitment.

Also includes: a copy of the air force bill; a "resident Englishman's view of the situation" on affairs in Russia; minutes of discussions on the munitions of war acts; minutes of discussions with representatives of the United States; and copies of letters from WSC to Sir Auckland Geddes and 3 letters from Geddes on recruitment and staffing.




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