Official: War Cabinet: various papers.

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Date: 07 May 1918 - 30 May 1918


Papers by various individuals on various subjects including: Sir Maurice Hankey, Secretary to the Imperial War Cabinet, on the extension of the British line in France; [Lieutenant-General George Bridges] British military representative in the United States, on the transportation of American troops; Sir William Weir, Secretary of State for Air, on the policy of the Air Ministry and the long-range bombing of Germany; Sir Auckland Geddes [Minister of National Service and Reconstruction] on the labour supply and the Army reserve; [General Sir Cecil Macready] Adjutant-General, on recruitment to the army; WSC, Minister of Munitions, on general war strategy and his objection to a promise not to bomb Germany during a religious festival.

Also includes notes of a meeting of the General War Council on the General Reserve.




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