Official: War Cabinet: various papers.

Reference code: CHAR 27/39A-B

Part of: CHAR 27
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Date: 01 Aug 1918 - 03 Dec 1918


Includes correspondence and papers by various individuals including: Sir Auckland Geddes [Minister of National Service and Reconstruction] on manpower; Colonel Richard Steel and Major-General Percy Radcliffe on allied and enemy manpower and rifle strengths; WSC, Minister of Munitions, on the murder of Captain Cromie at Petrograd [later Leningrad and St Petersburg, Russia]; the award of the 1914 star and the Gallipoli star, horse-racing, the French ministry of national reconstitution, and post-war reconstruction; Sir Alfred Mond [First Commissioner of Works] on the ministry of supply; Sir Albert Stanley [later 1st Lord Ashfield] President of the Board of Trade, on the placement of orders.

Also includes War Cabinet minutes including discussion of Germany's reply to President [Woodrow] Wilson [President of the United States], the armistice and demobilisation and notes [?by WSC] on the plans of General Sir Henry Wilson, Chief of Imperial General Staff, for the offensive in 1919 [see CHAR 27/38].





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