Official: War Cabinet: Supreme War Council and Allied Conversations.

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Date: 01 Dec 1917 - 03 Dec 1918


Includes minutes of meetings of the Supreme War Council at Versailles [France]. French representatives include [Georges] Clemenceau [Prime Minister of France], General [Ferdinand] Foch, Chief of Staff, Major-General [Maxime] Weygand. British representatives include David Lloyd George [Prime Minister], Arthur Balfour [Foreign Secretary], Sir Eric Geddes [First Lord of the Admiralty], [1st] Lord Milner, General Sir William Robertson [Chief of Imperial General Staff until 1918], General Sir Henry Wilson [Chief of Imperial General Staff 1918 onwards], Major-General Sir George Macdonogh [Adjutant-General to the Forces]. Italian representatives include [Vittorio] Orlando and United States representatives include Colonel [Edward] House and [Major-General Tasker] Bliss. The terms of the armistice with Germany and Austria-Hungary were discussed and clauses formulated regarding various aspects including the Western and Eastern fronts, reparations and the treatment of the ex-Kaiser [Wilhelm II].




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