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Date: 03 Jun 1918 - 23 Dec 1918


Includes printed copies of correspondence and papers from various representatives of the British government on the effects of war in various parts of the world including: [17th] Lord Derby [earlier Edward Stanley, British Ambassador to France] (5); Sir Horace Rumbold [British Minister in Switzerland] (5); [3rd] Lord Granville [earlier Granville Gower, British Minister in Greece at Athens] (2); Sir Rennell Rodd [later 1st Lord Rennell, British Ambassador to Italy] (5); Sir Arthur Hardinge [British Ambassador to Spain] (5); 1st Lord Reading [earlier Rufus Isaacs, Special British Ambassador to the United States]; Sir Lancelot Carnegie [British Minister in Portugal] (5); [Esme] Howard [British Minister in Sweden] (2); Sir Ralph Paget [British Minister to Denmark]; William Erskine [Counsellor of Embassy, Rome, Italy]; Hugh Gurney; Sir Walter Townley [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Queen of the Netherlands]; Count [Herman] Wrangel [Swedish Minister to Great Britain]; Robert Clive (2); 2nd Baron Acton [earlier Richard Dalberg-Acton]; and Lord [Sutemi] Chinda [Chinese Ambassador to Great Britain]; Ernest Maxse [Consul General in the Netherlands] on intelligence reports of a possible Communist uprising in Germany and the role of the Socialist Labour Party newspaper, the "Tribune"; and John Vaughan [Envoy Extraordinary to Chile] on a conversation with the King of Spain on the black lists which inhibited German trade, intelligence services in Spain and the position of Gibraltar.

Also includes: copies of correspondence and papers from Arthur Balfour, Foreign Secretary, on various subjects (14), Lord Robert Cecil [Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs] (6) and Sir Eyre Crowe.

Other subjects covered by the file include: propaganda in Germany, affairs in Russia and the Bolshevik government; affairs in Poland and Azerbaijan.




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