Official: Air Raids Committee.

Reference code: CHAR 27/6

Part of: CHAR 27
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Date: 01 Oct 1917 - 01 Nov 1917


Includes committee minutes of statements made by General [Jan] Smuts [South African Representative to the Imperial War Cabinet]; [WSC] Minister of Munitions; [Sir David Henderson] Director General of Military Aeronautics; the Master General of the Ordnance; Major General [Edward] Ashmore; and [1st Lord Cowdray, earlier Weetman Pearson] President of the Air Board. Issues discussed included equipment for home defence and offensive bombing operations.

Also includes extracts from War Cabinet minutes on air raids and the defence of London.




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Physical: 1 file (36 loose folios)
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CHAR 27/6/1-7 "Air Raids Committee: Minutes of First Meeting" 01 Oct 1917