Official: War Priorities Committee: Minutes and memoranda.

Reference code: CHAR 27/7

Part of: CHAR 27
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Date: 26 Sep 1917 - 28 Dec 1917


Includes committee minutes of statements made by General [Jan] Smuts [South African Representative to the Imperial War Cabinet]; Admiral [John] Jellicoe [Chief of Naval Staff]; [17th] Lord Derby [earlier Edward Stanley], Secretary of State for War; [WSC] Minister of Munitions and [1st] Lord Cowdray [earlier Weetman Pearson] President of the Air Board. Issues discussed included aircraft output, Lewis guns for home defence, munitions manufacture, government contracts, Sunday labour, foreign contracts for manpower, wages and a proposed factory for the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. Includes memoranda by Smuts on War Cabinet committees and the reduced airship programme; Sir Eric Geddes on the supply of guns for the defence of London and WSC on the airship programme.




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