Acquired Papers. Photographs of various people and places, some of which were used as illustrations for "The Reminiscences of Lady Randolph Churchill".

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Date: 1790 - 1912




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CHAR 28/86A/1 Photograph of Pearl Craigie" by Elliott and Foy". c 1900
CHAR 28/86A/2 Photograph of Lord Randolph Churchill with two unidentified men. [1894]
CHAR 28/86A/3 Photograph of Lady Randolph Churchill seated at a piano with Marie Janotha and Pearl Craigie. Annotated "photograph by Histed". [1898]
CHAR 28/86A/4 Photograph of nurses being presented with medals at Bourbourg [France]. 06 Aug 1915
CHAR 28/86A/5 Photograph of a social occasion at which a party of fifteen are seated or standing at a table. c 1900
CHAR 28/86A/6 Photograph of Lady Randolph Churchill and Lady Curzon [formerly Lady Georgiana Churchill, later Lady Howe] with Lord Curzon [later Lord Howe] seated in a pony carriage. Caption reads "How the Woodstock [Oxfordshire] election was won". 1885
CHAR 28/86A/7 Photograph of Frances, Duchess of Marlborough. 1870s
CHAR 28/86A/8 Photograph of three young women. The figure standing at the right of the picture may be Leonie Jerome, later Lady Leslie. c 1870
CHAR 28/86A/9 Photograph of three unidentified men. c 1900
CHAR 28/86A/10 Photograph of Murchuson Falls [Uganda]. c 1900
CHAR 28/86A/11 Photograph of three figures in Elizabethan dress. Gwendeline Churchill is pictured in the centre. The tableau may have been part of "Shakespeare's England", an exhibition at Earl's Court organised by Lady Randolph Churchill. [1912]
CHAR 28/86A/12 Photograph of a nurse and a soldier. Badly faded. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/13 Reproduction of a drawing of an unidentified woman signed "Swantype". 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/14 Photograph of Mary, Lady Curzon. Additional copy at CHAR 28/86A/41. c 1900
CHAR 28/86A/15 "Piccadilly" portrait of Lady Randolph Churchill. 15 Jan 1891
CHAR 28/86A/16 Photograph of a drawing of General Pourget. 1880s
CHAR 28/86A/17 Photograph of a drawing of the defence of Bazaine. [1873]
CHAR 28/86A/18 Portrait photograph of Consuelo, Duchess of Marlborough later Consuelo Balsan. c 1895
CHAR 28/86A/19 Signed portrait photograph of Rosario, Duchess of Alba. 25 Feb 1884
CHAR 28/86A/20 Photograph of a spaniel on a cushion. 1890s
CHAR 28/86A/21 Photograph of drawing of the collapse of the column in the Place de la Vendome [Paris]. Additional copy at CHAR 28/86A/22. 1790s
CHAR 28/86A/22 Photograph of drawing of the collapse of the column in the Place de la Vendome [Paris]. Additional copy at CHAR 28/86/21. 1790s
CHAR 28/86A/23 Photograph of Mrs [Mary] Cornwallis West with Constance [Shelagh Cornwallis] West [later Shelagh, Duchess of Westminster]. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/24 Photograph of two unidentified men. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/25 Photograph of a drawing of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/26 Photograph of an unidentified woman. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/27 Photograph of a drawing of a burning palace and the flight of soldiers. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/28 Photograph of a drawing of John, 1st Duke of Marlborough. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/29 Photograph of a Burmese phongee or Buddhist priest. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/30 Signed portrait photograph of General Georges Boulanger. 03 Mar 1889
CHAR 28/86A/31 Photograph of an unidentified man. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/32 Signed portrait photograph of Baron de Staal. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/33 Photograph of the grand entrance of the Shway Dagon Pagoda [Japan]. [1894]
CHAR 28/86A/34 Photograph of an unidentified man. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/35 Signed portrait photograph of Edouard de Roszke annotated with a message to Lady Randolph Churchill. 1897
CHAR 28/86A/36 Photograph of the Royal Lakes, Rangoon [Burma]. c 1895
CHAR 28/86A/37 Photograph of a drawing of Cecil Rhodes by the Duchess of Rutland. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/38 Photograph of a farewell dinner party for Lord Curzon and Mary, Lady Curzon before their departure to India in the Victoria Hall of the Hotel Cecil. Seating plan of this dinner at CHAR 28/40/18. 09 Dec 1898
CHAR 28/86A/39 Photograph of a relief sculpture of Pearl Craigie by Alfred Drury. 1908
CHAR 28/86A/40 Photograph of Lord Curzon of Kedleston by Elliott and Foy. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/41 Photograph of Mary, Lady Curzon by Baron de Meyer. Additional copy at CHAR 28/85/14. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/42 Photograph of a painting by Turner of the bridge at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. 1810s
CHAR 28/86A/43 Photograph of a drawing of the demolition of the column in the Place de la Vendome, Paris, France. 1790s
CHAR 28/86A/44 Photograph of three young women in theatrical costume. 1900s
CHAR 28/86A/45 Photograph of Georgiana, Lady Dudley. Additional copy at CHAR 28/86A/46. 1860s
CHAR 28/86A/46 Photograph of Georgiana, Lady Dudley. Additional copy at CHAR 28/86A/45. 1860s
CHAR 28/86A/47 Photograph of the hospital ship Maine in harbour at Durban, South Africa. 1900
CHAR 28/86A/48 Photograph of the wounded officers on board the hospital ship Maine including John S Churchill. Annotated with the names of the officers and their regiments. 1900
CHAR 28/86A/49 Photograph of a group of house servants in Madras, India. [1894]
CHAR 28/86A/50 Photograph of a Cantonment Garden in Rangoon, Burma. [1894]
CHAR 28/86A/51 Photograph of a group of Burmese at the Pajoon platform. c 1895
CHAR 28/86A/52 Photograph of the Royal Lakes in Rangoon, Burma. c 1895
CHAR 28/86B/53 Photograph of an unidentified woman. c 1900
CHAR 28/86B/54 Photograph of WSC when attached to the 21st Lancers in Cairo [Egypt]. 1898
CHAR 28/86B/55 Photograph of a woman signed "Violet". c 1900
CHAR 28/86B/56 Drawing of WSC as a small child on a red sofa. Includes frame. 1876
CHAR 28/86B/57 Photograph of John S Churchill in uniform. c 1900