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Date: 24 Dec [1890]


Letter from [Lady Randolph Churchill](2 Connaught Place [London]) to [Lord Randolph Churchill] including: the bad weather which has prevented her moving [Leonard Jerome] to Brighton [Sussex]; an invitation from [Baron Moritz] Hirsch which includes HRH [Albert Edward, Prince of Wales] and [Lord] Hartington [later 8th Duke of Devonshire]; news that [Charles] Parnell is "beat"; the poor health of [Sir Henry Drummond] Wolff; the popularity of the [gold crusher] machine [patented by Moreton Frewen] and her hopes of its financial success; her illness; an argument between Mrs [Lily] Langtry and [Lady De Grey] about Lord Carnarvon; a dinner hosted by Milan [King of Serbia] for Clara [Frewen, earlier Clara Jerome]; a meeting with [George, 8th Duke of Marlborough, earlier Lord] Blandford and "Lily" [Lilian, Duchess of Marlborough, later Lady William Beresford].

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